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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Ugly offspring of Catch & Release: Catch, Process and Release!

Feb. 17, 2006

Because of recent incursions on US soil by what appear to be Mexican Military personnel, the Investigation Subcommittee of the House of Representatives headed by Michael McCaul, (R) Texas, held a hearing on Feb. 7, 2006 with testimony from border sheriffs and US Border patrol agents. Every moment broadcast on CSpan was informative and frightening.

Troubling video of the invaders was shown and is available for viewing on the Homeland Security Committee web site.

Rep. Bob Ethridge, (D) North Carolina asked David Aguilar, US Border Patrol Chief, about OTMs (Other than Mexicans, who have been typically released into the public) and terrorists threat coming in from the Mexican border.

Aguilar summed up, “Is [the border] a vulnerability?”


“Do we have information that Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have looked at that possibility? “


Rep. Steve Pearce,(R), New Mexico questioned Aguilar. “The secretary (Homeland Security Michael Chertoff) said we are going to stop the catch and release program. [a friend of Pearce] Judge Carter recently went to one of the detention centers where OTM’s were being processed. Carter asked how long they are going to be here. He was told ‘til they are “processed”.

The judge commented to the official that he thought we were through with catch and release and was told, “We are. It’s now catch, process and release.”

Pearce asked Aguilar, “ Are we actually catching and releasing or catching, processing and releasing?”

Aguilar answered, “ We are moving toward catch and remove”.

That’s bureaucratic speak for , nothing has changed, except for more paper work and waste of government employee time. OTMS continue to be released into the general US Population.

Rep. Pearce continued, “We have significant difficulties at the border and the people along the border are just afraid for their lives! The Secretary's comments were that we are going to stop catch and release and to the nation the president said it also.”

“ I’m on your side, I asked the MinuteMen not to operate, but then you leave the citizens of this country on the front line with no protection. That is a very difficult stance for me to support. “

Aguilar confirmed that there had been other incursions by Mexican government personnel and they have been detained on US soil in the past.

Arvin West, Hudspeth, Texas County Sheriff summed up the risks of the Mexican border in his statement.

“Efforts to secure the border against illegal immigrants, drug trafficking, Mexican Military and terrorism has not been effective thus far. The border between Texas and Mexico has been a significant gateway to these kinds of illegal activity to enter the US.

If illicit organizations can bring in tons of narcotics to the region and work a distributing network that spans the entire country aided by the Mexican Military, then they can bring in the resources of terrorism as well. If drug cartels can solicit untrained people to drive across the border undetected, then what can well trained terrorists do?

May God bless you and this great nation we call home.”


CSpan, Feb. 7, 2006

Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives
(Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2006) Today, Subcommittee on Investigations Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) held a hearing to examine reported incursions into the United States by individuals appearing to be members of the Mexican military.

Mr. McCaul and Members of the Subcommittee investigated ways to establish operational control of our Southwest border and discussed what could be done to prevent such border incursions in the future.

View video footage of Jan. 23, 2006 border encounter
View Chairman McCaul on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" (2-7-06)
View Chairman McCaul's Interview on FOX's "O'Reilly Factor" (2-7-06)
View photos of the hearing (2-7-06)
View Chairman McCaul's opening statement (2-7-06)


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