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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UAE in charge of US ports? Know Thy Enemy!

Feb. 21, 2006

When the United Arab Emirates and Portgate was first mentioned this is what I remembered of that country. They were friends of Osama bin Laden, as explained below:

February 1999: Bin Laden Missile Strike Called Off for Fear of Hitting Persian Gulf Royalty

Intelligence reports foresee the presence of bin Laden at a desert hunting camp in Afghanistan for about a week. Information on his presence appears reliable, so preparations are made to target his location with cruise missiles. However, intelligence also puts an official aircraft of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and members of the royal family from that country in the same location. Bin Laden is hunting with the Emirati royals, as he did with leaders from the UAE and Saudi Arabia on other occasions (see 1995-2001). Policy makers are concerned that a strike might kill a prince or other senior officials, so the strike never happens. A top UAE official at the time denies that high-level officials are there, but evidence subsequently confirms their presence.

[9/11 Commission Report, 3/24/04 (B)] People and organizations involved: Osama bin Laden

We've been told by the usual White House appologists that the United Arab Emirates is our "friend", that they even have "Christians" and they're westernized, just like us. Yeah, why are they raising such a stink over Mohammed cartoons?
Read 'em and weap.

The cartoons have prompted boycotts of Danish goods throughout the Muslim world. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, travel agents said travelers were not booking flights to Denmark or Norway.

Also in UAE, a university professor was fired after distributing copies of the cartoons to her students. The nation's minister of education, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahan, said he ordered Clauda Keepoz's dismissal because "her behavior has nothing to do with the freedom of expression."
Protests against “blasphemous” cartoons mounts in Islamic nations
Jan. 31,2006

[snip] Burnt flags, political condemnation, and appeals for a boycott are involving even traditionally moderate Islamic nations, like Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The Arab League and Organizations from the Islamic who announced their intention to appeal to the United Nations for a resolution blocking all forms of attacks against religious faiths.

But the wave of protest continues. “It’s cultural terrorism, not freedom of expression” intoned Mohammad al-Dhaheri, Minister for Justice and Islamic affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

In an editorial, the Khaleej Times of the United Arab Emirates expressed dismay that the Danish government has not formally apologized for the episode. The prime minister continues to defend the insensitive newspaper in the name of ‘media freedom’. All freedom including that of the media comes with responsibility. Mocking people’s deeply held religious beliefs and sentiments is no media freedom. It’s sheer and unpardonable callousness.

Branches of French hypermarket Carrefour in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have also stopped selling Danish goods. "Danish products have been removed from all (UAE) branches of Carrefour," one official said.
United Arab Emirates Racism & Xenophobia News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and information about United Arab Emirates. (This is quite a read!)


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