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Friday, December 30, 2005

Mugged at Gunpoint by illegal Aliens! What a Christmas!

TheTownCrier, Editorial

I get many emails from frustrated Americans about immigration. Many want to speak up, but hesitate. Some of them are afraid. They shudder at being attacked with vile accusations of xenophobia by radical alien sympathizers. They fear retaliation by drug cartel gangs. They don’t want to cause “trouble”.

These are mostly private, hard working, decent people, abiding the law, trying to survive and leave something of this nation for their kids.

But instead they are being thrown into a “nation within a nation” with a foreign language and flag. They watch their middle class neighborhood morph into a colonia. They lose their jobs or work for the same wages they did 20 years ago. Some have their property used as a smuggling corridor, night after night, year after year.

Today a friend sent an email he had received by such a conflicted fellow American and asked if I could let someone know. I will share the email with her identity protected.

Speak up before you are too afraid to!’

Silence IS consent.

Subject: Fwd: Please PRAY for my friends! - Robbed at Gunpoint! What a Christmas!

"We had a tough season too. On the 22nd Becky was mugged at gun point and punched in the mouth by two [illegal mexicans] in the walmart parking lot, they took our entire Christmas budget from her! Then the cops just acted so nonchalant about it saying this has been going on everyday here in Salem [Oregon]. They haven't even tried to get them, no detectives have called us, walmart refuses to give us the security tape and no one cares. Meanwhile the Mexican Government in cooperation with ours keeps setting up mobile stations to issue a card to these guys so they can get bank accounts and houses and cars. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!
Talk to you soon. “

A friends return email:

“just talked to [the victims] tonight after I received this email. I was just totally appalled! I feel SO BAD for them!
She said they were just so devastated, that they didn’t even
want to tell anyone. They had NO Christmas! I feel so bad for their 6 year old son & other 2 kids. Thank God she wasn't killed! [victim] said they took $1700 from her - it was all the money they had for Christmas. I asked about their parents, and they said, yes, that they knew... but that they didn't want to go anywhere at all for Christmas. [victim] was so traumatized that they didn't even want to leave the house.”


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