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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Month Of October Documentry - Citizens Under Siege

The Month Of October documentry - Citizens Under Siege

Lou Dobbs Broken Borders is a Must See Tonight!
His guests are producers of the yet to be realeased film, The Month Of October, filmed on the US/Mexica border. Their strongest point was the literal battlefield that US citizens endure daily. It was an eye opener for them to see the constant influx of large groups of aliens instead of an occasional stragler.
Full Transcript available later at:

Take Lou’s active poll!

Do you find it absurd that babies born to illegal aliens in the United States are granted all the rights and privileges of citizenship?

Yes 86% 6456 votes

No 14% 1094 votes

Total: 7550 votes (1:45pm pacific 11/05/05


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