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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

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THIS is the answer to give those free traitors that will sell your job to the cheapest labor, regarding Visas!

Here is an article by Edwin Rubestein over at that discusses this tech shortage (Looking (In Vain) For the Geek Shortage):

For years high-tech corporations have warned of a shortage of scientists and engineers. [See Why Americans Don’t Study Science—It Doesn’t Pay] The latest (alleged) evidence: the cap of 65,000 H-1b visas for fiscal 2006 was reached in August, 14 months prior to the fiscal year in which the visas would be used.(Towncrier: Thousands more have been requested since this article)

U.S. corporations love H-1bs. Why shouldn’t they? They pay them less, force their American workers to train them, and then fire the U.S.-born employees.

H-1b workers are little more than indentured servants, tethered to their sponsoring employers until they receive Green Cards.

But a high-tech manpower shortage? Rarely have cold hard facts offered less support to this assertion. Just look at the latest figures on science and engineering graduate enrollment as reported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). (Table 1)

In 2003 (the latest year of available data):

* U.S. citizen S&E enrollment rose 5.8 percent, to 327,332

* Foreign citizen enrollment rose 0.9 percent, to 146,871

The newly perceived attractiveness of a career in science and engineering is most dramatically seen in the numbers of first-year S&E grad students. In 2003:

* First-year U.S. citizen enrollment rose 9.4 percent, to 54,770

*First-year foreign citizen enrollment fell -8.1 percent, to 29,574

Foreign students accounted for a smaller share of S&E enrollment in 2003 (32 percent) than in 2002 (31 percent.) For nearly a decade this trend has gone in the other direction.

gargantuton posted on 2005-10-26

“some claim we can't locate all the present illegals. “

And what difference does it make if they can't find them all.... you never hear politicians justifying closing the IRS because they can't find ever tax evader, they don't close the police departments because they can't find every murderer or thief, traffic cops because they can't get every speeder.

(by) fitz posted on 2005-10-26


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