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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 - All We ever wanted was a Fair Fight

We are witnessing a national election season unlike anything in our history.

Socialist anarchists and 'immigrants', many of whom are here by breaking our laws and entering our borders ILLEGALLY, violently gather in every city.  They proudly display their foreign flags  demanding that the CITIZEN elected candidate not be allowed to speak.  A candidate who only preaches that we should enforce our laws written by duly elected representatives.

The traitorous state sanctioned media refuses to report who the violent offenders are and instead cast the blame on the peaceful supporters gathering to hear their chosen candidate. 

It sounds like the plot from a B rated Sci Fi armageddon movie!  But think again!
This is reality in these United States in 2016.

THINK of it! 
Foreign invaders and their supporters are subverting the 1st amendment with violence and intimidation while burning our flag, with the help of your media and many elected officials while blaming the victims! 

New Mexico, May 23, 2016, outside a Trump Rally

This is how the Native American culture or any culture was destroyed.  This is tyranny of greedy politicians and an ignorant self serving masses, mobs in reality,  intent on taking what we have built.
Especially in the West, they have take  out the family farmer, the logger, manufacturing, our property rights.  They are taking our way of life and our property, every bit as much as they took it from the Indian in the 1830's when Cherokee leader Elias Boudinout wrote: 

"Perhaps Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were only tantalizing us when they encouraged us in the pursuit of agriculture and government.  Why were we not told long ago that we could not be permitted to establish a government within the limits of any state?  The Cherokees have always had a government of their own.  Nothing, however, was said when we were governed by savage laws.  Others say it is time for the Cherokees to submit to inevitable destiny.
     What Destiny?  To be slandered and then butchered?  Yes, this is the bitter cup prepared for us by a republican and religious government.  We shall drink it to the dregs."

And like today, rather than continuing their constitutional free elections, the Chief John Ross cancelled elections and had his bribed, ignorant followers kill those who tried to gather to speak against his tyranny.

Over these past decades, we 'common' folk followed the rules, tried to comply every time you demanded more of what is ours.  We opened our hearts and homes to the world and shared the sweat of our brow with the 'less privileged'.  All the while we watched our rights and protections, our culture be taken by one bureaucratic regulation after another. 

We were willing to share what we had, but our opposition demands it ALL…..our property, how we raise our families and worship, our guns, our right to free, peaceful association and the right to have our votes count, the right to keep the money earned from our legal work and the right to have our laws enforced, the right to a free and honest media.

 Now they demand we give up the right to attend a peaceful rally of our chosen candidate without the fear of being attacked or worse by people breaking those laws!

 All these animal loving lefties don't mind injuring innocent animals with their mayhem! Where is PETA when you need them?

We, people of good will and self reliance only ask for what every human being has asked for. 
A fair fight.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get ahead of Hillary's lie about Trump bankruptcies!

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, unlike most of the population out there, and KNOWS Trump never liquidated creditors in a typical bankruptcy.  Every media report repeated her lie dozens of times yesterday.  People think there is one kind of bankruptcy and have no clue about Chapter 11 reorganization to PAY OFF THE CREDITORS.


Donald Trump has NEVER filed personal bankruptcy! 

Law Dictionary: How is Donald Trump Able to File for Bankruptcy So Many Times?

Written by James Hirby | Fact checked by The Law Dictionary staff  

People might ask "How is Donald Trump able to file for bankruptcy so many times?" The answer is "He didn't." Trump himself has never filed for bankruptcy. 
His corporations have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times.   By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the corporation is allowed to continue running while restructuring and reducing its debt. By allowing the business to continue, employees still have their jobs and the business is still making money. Corporate debts still need to be repaid but they may be reduced. The corporation must develop a repayment plan and corporate budget. Both must be approved by the creditors and by the bankruptcy court.

WE are talking about FOUR companies out of hundreds which Trump has made successful, and he used Chapter 11 to make them work…. yet this lying old hag says Trump will 'bankrupt' the nation…She and Bill and Obama did that!  NOT DONALD TRUMP!

Here are a few of the thousands of  companies we deal with every day who have used Chapter 11 bankruptcy…many of them SUPPORT HILLARY!

Just a few  who have filed Chapter 11
G.I. Joe's
GENERAL MOTORS  - Obama's!!!  Yes he used Chapter 11
Owens Corning
Pay N Pak
Six Flags
SOLYNDRA….also Obama's baby…they even got millions in OUR $$
Tropicana Entertainment

AND there was the WHITEWATER SCANDAL, run by Hillary to scam the people of Arkansas which went bankrupt along with the savings and loan who financed it!

Rubio and Cruz pulled this same lie on Trump last summer:

More good reading on Hillary/Whitewater and HER FAILED SCAMS!
Another Whitewater article
[snip]The morning after Bill Clinton’s re-election defeat in 1980, McDougal told Stewart he got a desperate call from HRC, saying, “You need to send us money. We need it right now, and we need all you can send.” McDougal remarked sourly to his wife Susan after the call that they had been subsidizing the Clintons’ share of the investment for the previous two years. The pattern continued. As Whitewater’s financial condition deteriorated, McDougal, fearing that a bankruptcy might tarnish Clinton’s political image, offered to buy the Clintons out of the deal. On four separate occasions Hillary adamantly refused, presumably because Whitewater was useful as a tax shelter, especially under HRC’s generous estimate of what constituted a legitimate deduction. At tax time, millions of middle class Americans thankfully review their banks’ reports of interest payments on mortgages. Very few of them–particularly not corporate lawyers giving tax advice to banks, as HRC was–confuse interest and principal as HRC later claimed she had.

And the lies against Trump debunked here:

When it comes to the issue of Donald Trump’s bankruptcy, we are only concerned with Chapters 7 and 11.
That’s because a Chapter 7 filing is indicative of poor financial management skills on behalf of the debtor — a red flag for voters evaluating a presidential candidate. But a Chapter 11 filing doesn’t necessarily indicate poor management. In fact, it can be seen as a tool that improves a company’s value for investors.
Here’s the difference:
Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Allows an individual to be freed of most debt in exchange for a ruined lined of credit for 10 years.
Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Allows a corporation to stay in business while it restructures its business and attempts to reduce its debt.
When Trump tweeted, “I never went bankrupt,” he was being truthful. The real estate magnate has kept good order of his personal finances.
You see, all four of Donald Trump’s bankruptcies were the Chapter 11 type. Each resulted from over-leveraged casino and hotel properties in Atlantic City. [snip]

AND it all comes down to this!
Hillary/Obama promote anarchy, the end of sovereignty, chaos.

Anti-Trump thugs shout 'Viva Mexico' while burning American flag

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Trump won't bail out Puerto Rico, But Paul Ryan, his boss Cesar Conda & Congress will!

HEADLINE:   Donald Trump won't bail out Puerto Rico
CNN -Money ^ | May 7, 2016 | Heather Long

Donald Trump says Puerto Rico has "far far too much debt," and the U.S. government shouldn't bail out the island.......
Puerto Rico is in crisis mode. It has run up $70 billion in debt, a staggering amount for an island of under 3.5 million people.....
"You have to cut the debt way down and get back to business," he said.


Remember the name I keep telling you NOT to forget...CESAR CONDA, the immigration lawyer/powerful lobbyist who OWNS Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

...Read on!

SELL OUTS: Paul Ryan, National Review Call For Puerto Rico Bailout For Hedge Fund Masters & Lobbyist Pals  
April 21, 2016
[snip]  Ryan is being lobbied hard by Cesar Conda. That name may sound familiar to you. He was Senator Rubio’s controversial, pro-amnesty chief of staff.
[Conda] has called himself a “conservative mentor” to Paul Ryan on his LinkedIn and was once Ryan’s colleague at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution where they worked together on open borders immigration proposals. Together they killed an immigration restriction bill in 1996. (Matthew Rees, “Rookies of the Year,” The Weekly Standard, April 15, 1996).
National Review and Speaker Paul Ryan have called for bailing out Puerto Rico but don’t disclose their considerable ties to the hedge fund managers and lobbyists who stand to profit.   
Puerto Rico has become a nice little tax dodge for the ultra rich and many of those ultra rich billionaire set like National Review and donate to it.
The solution for Puerto Rico? “Stop spending so much money! Privatize! Cut that minimum wage!” says the cucks. The real solution? Cut Puerto Rico lose. But we can’t do that, that would be raaacist...... we’re told by our DC sources that Conda is lobbying Congress for the bailout. His Twitter feed certainly seems to suggest it. In the past Conda has worked for the Puerto Rican Statehood Council, a DC-based outfit working to make Puerto Rico our 51st state.
Do we really want to have another state that’s heavily indebted with low IQ Latinos?

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, congressman for Puerto Rico?


Lobbying Spending Database-Puerto Rico Statehood Council, 2016 ...
Center for Responsive Politics
Lobbyists representing Puerto Rico Statehood Council, 2016: Year: 2016, "), 2015, "), 2014 ... Conda, Cesar V · Revolving Door Profile · Cox, Chris C · Revolving ...

Lobbying Spending Database-Navigators Global LLC, 2015 ...
Center for Responsive Politics
Puerto Rico Statehood Council · Conda, Cesar V · Revolving Door Profile · AT&T Inc · Cornerstone Government Affairs · Oracle Corp (Oracle America)*

 How often are these Rino globalists going to side with the left???

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Delivers Impassioned Speech Calling For Puerto Rico Aid

This was the socialist leftie that Ryan stood with to push the Gang of 8 amnesty!

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Faux Cherokee Liz Warren must be exposed!

Headline:  Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears

[snip]   For over a quarter of a century, Elizabeth Warren has described herself as a Native American.
After researching her story, it is obvious that her “family lore” is just fiction.
Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee–the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837.
These were the troops responsible for removing Cherokee families from homes they had lived in for generations in the three states that the Cherokee Nations had considered their homelands for centuries: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

GO GET A 2,3 and me DNA test, LIZ!  Easy to prove! But like Obama, she needs no proof!  Repeat that lie often enough.....

In case you haven't heard, this leftist is trying to derail Trump.  Liz claims Cherokee heritage and used it to enhance her resume as a 'person of color' when she was at Harvard, as well as to boost her liberal bonafides.  But like me, if you have Cherokee blood, you likely also have the blood of those who took what they had.  One branch of my family took the land in a lottery of a Cherokee who was claimed to be another ancestor.  


NOT only that...but IF she has Cherokee heritage (like me, so little, if any ...a nosebleed and it’s all gone!) it is likely those Cherokee were RICH aristocrats who owned AFRICAN slaves, including their tyrant Chief John Ross, another corrupt politician who was only 1/8th Cherokee.    Let her choke on that!!!

Chief SPREADING BULL is more like it!

Their story is here:
Jesus Wept - An American Story
From Chapter 3: 
The 1835 Cherokee Census in Georgia reported: Indians 8,946, Intermarried Whites 68, Slaves 776, Farms 1,735, Acres under Cultivation 19,216. Because many of these Cherokees were above average in socio economic success, they were also more likely to suffer acts of violence from other factions of the tribe as well as settlers encroaching on their homes.

Chief John Ross, who was every bit as big  a liar as Obama  and Liz and as good at race baiting/class warfare, held out for more money until the forced removal instead of protecting his people.  He declared a national emergency, cancelled elections and remained Chief for 40 years, killing the decent self reliant Cherokee who got in his way.  He did as much damage to the Cherokee as Andrew Jackson.   

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Who runs the GOP and owns Paul Ryan & Marco Rubio? Let's name names!

2 hours ago
HEADLINE:  Paul Ryan 'just not ready' to support Donald Trump
HOW on earth do I make this simple enough for the rest of you to connect the @!%%  dots??!

Paul Ryan is OWNED by a powerful DC lobbyist/immigration lawyer.   Ryan was hand picked and mentored  to push his agenda.    

His name is Cesar Conda.   He brought Ryan to DC.  He also groomed and picked one Marco Rubio acting as his chief of staff and more recently running Rubio's Florida PAC, and IMO, his campaign.

 Cesar Conda and his biggest ally, Grover Norquist have an agenda.    It is to control the Republican party and the candidates who run in these elections who will implement the policies they want in place to profit their various NON profit scams.    They are not conservative or moderate or any other label you can hang on them.  They are NOTHING but amoral profiteers having found a gullible constituency in a nation of people easily fooled.
(this photo found on google search for 'Cesar Conda'.....)

The agenda?  Every lopsided, cheap labor 'trade' agreement that comes down the pike…Nafta, Gatt,  Most favored nation status for China, TPP and on and on. They are actually treaties, but this little group  has a congress willing to abdicate it's power to call them 'free trade agreements'.


Uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration from South of the border and terrorist Muslim nations.  Grover Norquist, married to a Pakistani Muslim who was active in the Bush Administration is the man who LED the push for the Mosque at Ground Zero.  Donald Trump is the man who fought it!  As Karl Rove, another part of this little K St. GOP power cabal, is proud to say,  Norquist 'brought home the Muslim vote for Bush'.     They stocked the various agencies with their people!

They've become used to power, and they're NOT going to give it up easily to the ONE MAN, DONALD TRUMP, who seeks to expose and end this corruption.

These people don't 'lobby' our leaders…they OWN them.  They write the legislation!   Grover Norquist WROTE George Bush's amnesty!   Conda/Norquist WROTE the gang of 8 amnesty that THEIR little whore Marco Rubio pushed!   
An interesting story about this photo when the Senate just passed the Gang of eight amnesty.  The head between Rubio and McCain is Grover Norquist who was photoshopped out of the News item when it ran...yes, they have some control of this media!

They also RUN all your favorite 'conservative' institutions who are in your mailbox EVERY day conning you out of money to fund our destruction.  And we smile, hope and write the check to:
Americans for Tax Reform, CPAC, The American Conservative Union, Freedomworks, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, Heritage, CLUB FOR GROWTH, the NRSC, NRCC and SO many more!

Every candidate PROMISED to support the GOP nominee and DEMANDED that Donald Trump SIGN and agree to do the same.   Many are breaking that pledge.
Trump has kept his word.

EVERY candidate, save ONE,  also PLEDGED  their allegiance to Grover Norquist when they signed his infamous 'pledge'.  He OWNS your GOP congress.  He OWNS over 1300 STATE legislators!  IF you don't do what the Grover Club tells you to, you will never win another election.  They have taken out many good candidates.
Donald Trump is the ONLY presidential GOP candidate who has not signed that UNAMERICAN oath and onto Grover/Conda's agenda.  
NONE of this is a secret!   SO many of us have tried  for years to expose this stinking mess!
To be sure, Norquist, Conda, Rove are not the only ones.  But they are generals in their sovereignty destroying army.   They involve lobbyist run Tea Parties to confuse the grass roots,  Ralph Reed and his Christian Coalition to confuse the faithful, Steven Moore who is head economist of Heritage and mouthpieces like Hugh Hewitt and likely Levin, Limbaugh, Beck and others to fool the talk radio audience.  
 Limbaugh, Newt, Norquist  BIRDS of the FEATHER
NONE of these non profits can be trusted any longer.   
Most people tell me they've never heard of Cesar Conda.   It's PAST time they do!
MANY journalists and others have called Grover Norquist the most powerful man in DC.  Newt Gingrich said he was the smartest.  And sadly (WATCH THIS GUY, TRUMP!) Newt is usually right there with them with full support for amnesty, and BAD trade.

Cesar Conda

Cesar Conda Cesar Conda is a Founding Principal and Executive Committee Member of Navigators Global LLC, a bipartisan government relations and strategic communications firm with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and London.
Mr. Conda has over two decades of legislative and policy experience working at the highest levels in the White House and Congress, for presidential campaigns, and for several public policy research foundations. He was recently a senior economic policy adviser to the 2008 Mitt Romney for President campaign. From 2001 to 2003, he was Assistant to the Vice President for Domestic Policy. According to columnist Robert Novak, Mr. Conda "as Vice President Dick Cheney's domestic policy chief was instrumental in devising the Bush tax cuts."
Mr. Conda spent most of his career on Capitol Hill as a senior adviser to several U.S. Senators. He was also a staff director of a congressional committee. Roll Call, a leading Capitol Hill publication, included him in its "Fabulous Fifty" list of top congressional aides. In 1999, he received the "Congressional Staffer of the Year Award" from the Information Technology Council. Mr. Conda, currently a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The International Economy Magazine, has written opinion-editorials published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Financial Times.
ME: Also, lobbyist Chamber of Commerce and ALL the big private prisons who house...ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Track back!   WHO is Cesar Conda

Search Results   Grover Norquist power DC

9 Questions With Grover Norquist: The Most Hated Man in Washington ...
The Huffington Post
Dec 29, 2015 - Grover Norquist, unknown to most Americans, is the conservative ... hated man in Washington,” or “Most powerful man in Washington D.C”.

The 50 Most Powerful People in Washington Photos | GQ
The Republican whom Democrats—especially Obama—hate most. The Virginia Congressman masterminded, and then masterfully carried out, the GOP's strategy of legislative intransigence that has stymied the White House these past three years. ... D.C. right now is all about the Politics ...

The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP - CBS News
CBS News
Aug 26, 2012 - Steve Kroft interviews one of the Republican Party's most powerful players: ... A lot of people think you're the most powerful man in Washington.

Former Sen. Alan Simpson: Grover Norquist Is 'Most Powerful Man in ...
May 21, 2012 - Alan Simpson: Grover Norquist Is 'Most Powerful Man in America' ... commission, at the National Press Clun in Washington, D.C. (AP photo).

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ROTTEN, miserable NRSC, NRCC still using Trump to raise $$ for their own!

ONE day!  It took only one day after Trump wins...IN SPITE OF THEM...for the Republicans in the House (NRCC)  and the Senate (NRSC) to scam Trump supporters into supporting their RINO candidates...NONE of which helped Trump!  TTC has written about this extensively...BOTH have been doing this since Trump announced and have STOLEN likely millions of $$$ from the Trump campaign and they have NO intention of stopping...unless YOU make them!

These elected traitors give NOT one rip about you or the United States of America. They care about their own little club and ripping you off to enrich themselves.

This morning's emails brought them out from under their DC rocks asking WHO you want for VP....first....WHO gives a damn!   Mr. Trump will pick his VP, not this rotten RNC!

Here is the NRSC email:

Did you hear the news?
Donald Trump is the only remaining candidate in the Republican presidential race and has now become the presumptive nominee.

Now he needs to select a running mate!

Who do you want to be Donald Trump’s vice president?


Thank you,

NRSC News Team <> 

WHICH takes you here:
 2016 NRSC Vice Presidential Straw Poll

    Cast your vote for the Vice Presidential candidate you would like to see Donald Trump select.
        Jan Brewer
        Scott Brown
        Ben Carson
        Chris Christie
        Rudy Giuliani
        Paul LePage
        Sarah Palin
        Newt Gingrich
        Rick Scott
        Jeff Sessions
        Marco Rubio
        Brian Sandoval
        Marsha Blackburn

Sounds innocent?  NO....YOU will be on their list and they will sell you something pretending to support Trump.    And worse, they will use this to pick the VP, trying to undermine Trump!

SO...when you takes you here:
 THAT'S right!!! It's all about financing the Rubio's, Grahams, Cruz's..........NOT TRUMP!  These SOB's know full well that Mr. Trump has demanded ALL entities besides his campaign STOP selling Trump GEAR! 
Get it through your heads...the RNC, NRSC, NRCC care NOTHING about any of us! They will still try to destroy Trump.  He is going to ERASE the K Street control of our government and they will do ANYTHING to stop him!

84560b4c e7d6 11e5 ab67 0eacb5a15a09
Show your support for Donald Trump and our Republican Senate majority with your NEW “Trump 2016” sticker today!

Select Amount

By law, the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $33,400 per year.
AND way down at the bottom, where no one will notice:    Paid for by NRSC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
PLEASE tell these traitors what you think!   The worst part is, they know my full name, from the first time I was fool enough to vote in one of their presidential polls...they are building their 
fundraising databases on the back of Trump and his supporters!    
Here are the traitors who run the NRSC now. Cruz was in the group until he ran for pres. You don’t get in this little club unless you are ONE OF THEM.
Roger F. Wicker, Chairman, represents Mississippi in the U.S. Senate. Wicker was elected by Senate Republicans to serve as the Chairman of the NRSC during the 2016 election cycle.

VICE CHAIRS...ALL who have SOLD out!
Joni Ernst   (remember her badmouthing Trump???)


Also...take note:Unreal – Paul Ryan Schedules Party Leadership Fundraiser at Home of Anti-Trump Super-PAC Donor…
Conservative Treehouse ^ | April 12, 2016 | Sundance
Posted on April 18, 2016
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is heading up a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) fundraiser in New York on April 25th. However, the venue of the fundraiser is raising some eyebrows:
For those who might not know, the “Ricketts Family” are the primary donors to a Super-PAC specifically created to block Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination.
Billionaire family Joe and Marlene Ricketts, owners of the Chicago Cubs, have recently given $5,000,000.oo to Katie Packer who heads “Our Principles PAC“, an organization created exclusively to defeat Donald Trump. Katie Packer recently outlined what they are doing with the Ricketts money:
Moving forward, Our Principles PAC is organizing delegates and deploying a number of tactics with a goal of depriving Trump of as many delegates as possible in upcoming contests. OPP will focus on delegate wins, not individual state wins.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Conservatives have learned NOTHING!!! Stop picking Globalists for Trump's VP!

WHERE is our memory???? This morning people are talking about Newt or Tom Delay for VP for Trump......DUH!!


Google him....Delay and his ilk ARE THE PROBLEM!

Trump is trying to get the corruption OUT of government, and here are many of you trying to push Tom Delay, Newt...the people WHO CAUSED THE PROBLEM!!   He was tied up with Jack Abramoff and worse!

[snip]The K Street Project is an effort by the Republican Party (GOP) to pressure Washington lobbying firms to hire Republicans in top positions, and to reward loyal GOP lobbyists with access to influential officials, an arrangement known as crony capitalism. It was launched in 1995 by Republican strategist Grover Norquist and then-House majority whip Tom DeLay. It has been criticized as being part of a “coziness” between the GOP and large corporations which has allegedly allowed business to rewrite government regulations affecting their own industries......

Gingrich is singing all the right notes lately, but WAKE UP! He is a CFR GLOBALIST, open border pushing, free traitor INSIDER who along with Norquist pushed Bush's amnesty and pushed NAFTA!
Gingrich is tied up with ROVE & Norquist, always has been.
He’s just opposite of what Trump is trying to do.
I’ll tell you this....IF Trump picks Newt for VP, Trump is conning us all!

HOW have you all forgotten what Newt has always supported???
Get it through your heads and don't forget it! ANYONE tied up with Grover Norquist is THE PROBLEM! So far, Trump is the ONLY GOP candidate who HAS NOT signed Grover's blood oath...he OWNS those who do!

IT is ALL about Trade and immigration...that’s where the big lobbying $$ is.

Great comment:    " John Nolte ‏@NolteNC 45s45 seconds ago Trump routed the GOP's 16 best and brightest. Phenomenal achievement. Mind-blown. "

It has been amazing watching this history being made. K Street string pullers must be crapping their knickers.  It's about time!

I’ had to listen a moment to Limbaugh (had to see what he would say today) and ALL he’s doing is defending Ted Cruz, giving his entire ‘enhanced’ resume...WTH??
Limbaugh is a sold out piece of crap. Anyone who still thinks this man cares one bit about all of us who MADE HIS FAT BUTT RICH or this country is mistaken!  Try Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, Roger Friedenburg, Joe Pags instead!

Pics:  Newt & Grover
Newt, Grover and Limbaugh

Of interest!

Long live the conservative puppet master: Why Grover Norquist is still more destructive than the House GOP

The GOP's Freedom Caucus has successfully hijacked Congress—but Norquist is still an unmatched figure on the right

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cruz & Obama just screwed millions of us out of our SS benefits! WAKE UP

TED CRUZ just screwed YOU out of your Social Security least he did for me! I was getting widow benefits...but no more! Obama was happy to sign it!

[snip]Politicians describe Social Security as "the third rail," meaning that enacting any benefit cuts will kill them politically. But this is precisely what they voted to do under the Bipartisan Budget Bill of 2015. Spouses as well as divorced spouses (who were married for 10 or more years) who reached 62 by Jan. 2 can still collect just their spousal or divorced spousal benefit between 66 and 70 and then take their own retirement benefit at 70. (there are many other cuts as well!)

Rand Paul voted against it. 
Jeff Sessions (R-AL), also voted Nay *

A friend said:   “Psychologically Cruz and Obama are peas in a pod.”

SO RIGHT! Both had absent fathers and dysfunctional childhoods. Both Harvard trained mouthpieces. Both Foreign least we KNOW CRuz was! Both hold awards for most absentee first term senators with NO practical business experience. Both headed the Harvard law review...Ted under the name of RAFAEL for the LATINO law review.
Neither of them give a rip about us or this country.
Donald Trump is the one who will keep his promise not to take away our benefits. Some cuts, I can live with and welcome...but this is over the top.

Cruz now says he's staying in to the end, up to the convention!  He reminds me of the jealous boyfriend who murders his woman to make sure that if HE can't have her, no one else will!


THIS is what Cruz voted for and Obama signed! MORE GOP support than the Dems!  BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE ARE CORRUPT! WAKE UP!
Some of you may remember TTC posting this years ago....  IF I were an elderly ILLEGAL ALIEN in California, I could get over a thousand $$ a month and NEVER paid in one damn dime to SS!   (you can see that here.....

Jeff Sessions Attacks Budget Deal With ‘Bricks of Truth’

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)  tore into the congressional budget deal on the Senate floor, arguing it is being jammed through without sufficient acknowledgment of its serious flaws.

“Once again, a massive deal, crafted behind closed doors, is being rushed through Congress under a threat of panic,” he said. “The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 serves as a reminder that the most important and controversial legislation is still being drafted in secret, with little or no input from the members of this chamber.”
Pointing to what he called “bricks of truth,” Sessions argued his opposition to the bill, calling for more time to consider the legislation and urging that it not be hastily passed.
“At its core, this deal with President Obama provides what President Obama has demanded throughout,” Sessions, a former budget committee chairman, said.
Namely, he pointed to the increase in federal spending caps for two years and the elimination of the current debt limit until March of 2017.
“This is a covert, a clever way of raising the debt ceiling without having to engage in a real discussion of Washington’s runaway spending problem,” he said. “It ensures that no further serious conversation about our debt course or any corresponding action to alter it will take place.”
Additionally, Sessions took issue with what he said is the cementing of a precedent to tether increases in defense spending with domestic spending.
“How silly is this? What possible logical argument can you make for this?” he said, calling it “deeply troubling.”

Sessions also took aim at the accounting “gimmicks” in the bill that he earlier decried in a joint statement with Rep. Moe Brooks
Wednesday: The use of “tricks” like double-counting for savings and raiding the Social Security Trust fund to bolster the disability program. “We’re losing momentum,” he said. “Several years ago we were in serious discussions about the dangers we face financially, and that has been eroded.”
The Alabamian stressed the need for more time, saying there is no need to pass the bill immediately.
“There’s no crisis that requires us to pass it today,” he said. “There are a number of interim steps we could take to allow this bill to be out there for the members to actually study it, to offer amendments on it, and maybe improve it and for the America people to understand just what it is the members of Congress are doing to their Social Security and the fiscal debt of America.”
Sessions pointed to the GOPs ability to negotiate spending reforms with Obama in the 2011 debt limit deal even with a smaller majority in the House and no majority in the Senate.
“And now there are 54 Republicans in the chamber and the House has a huge majority. So I think we can do better and I don’t think this should be rushed through the Congress and I would object to its passage,” he concluded.

MUST your liberal & GOP elite friends how their representatives act...the MEDIA WON'T!

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