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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Had to drop by to say, " I TOLD YOU SO!" Ted Cruz is a fraud!

DUH!!!! OVER and OVER we presented FACTS about the background and duplicity of this lying lawyer that the faithful GOP has fallen all over themselves for NO REASON but emotion!  They saw a chance to grab the race ring and fly to victory with their Latino different than the race minded obama supporters!  NO DIFFERENT!  Just as blind as they were to phony Saint Sarah Palin in 2012 as they let her destroy our primary because she LIED about when she would announce.

Now Ted has supported Obama by voting to give him fast track authority to implement the putrid TransPacificPartnership, which is no more than a cheap labor sovereignty killer and the 'conservatives' are all so disappointed and mystified!  NO MYSTERY! Ted Cruz is a double talking, amnesty loving, Latino first piece of political corruption!   HELLO!

Ted also has been absent from IMPORTANT votes in the senate while he's out on his campaign trail.      The ACU recently gave him a 100% 'conservative' rating and that really lit up the Cruz fan club....but they are too STUPID to know the ACU is an arm of Grover Norquist/Al Cardenas who do nothing but push open borders and BAD trade deals.  An ACU rating of 100 should mean ZIP to conservatives! Get that through your thick sculls!  

To: Erik Latranyi
"I am disappointed that Ted Cruz supported giving Obama such powers."
His support of this deal. increasing the 'H' visa's, and increasing immigration. All more than a little concerning.
20 posted on Tue May 12 17:24:43 2015 by moehoward
The faithful fools will make excuses, as they always do, that LIBERAL news outlets aren't reporting Ted's words correctly! he is...HIS WORDS!
‪Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama‬
Sen. Jeff Sessions is the ONLY one to speak truth to this TPP lie!   WAKE UP, have one man representing YOU!  
Sen. Jeff Sessions: Top Five Concerns With Trade Promotion Authority
Disgusting update!   Here Cruz teams up with Paul Ryan to push the TPP!  This guy will side with anyone who gets him where he wants to go!
Ted Cruz joins the Establishment!

" Authored by establishment GOP Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and heretofore "conservative" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the op-ed in The Wall Street Journal is a compilation of talking points and slick dodges. It is textbook propaganda that would make the disinformation experts of the KGB blush."

Sen. Jeff Sessions Myth-Busts Obama Trade Effort

[snip] Wednesday, Sessions took on arguments for the trade deal with a series of what he office says are “myths” versus “truths” about the trade deal under consideration in Congress.
In the myth buster account, Sessions’ office says not only will fast-track erode congressional power over the trade process but the trade agreements implemented under that authority will trump U.S. law.

Update:   Only 5 Rs voted NO: Collins, Lee, Paul, Sessions, and Shelby.

(Screw you, Cruz, Rubio and the rest of you R sellout, bought out jack asses! )

UPDATE #2:  Here Cruz is trying to justify his selling out to the Obama/GOP/TPP leviathon! Even the blind faithful aren't buying it! did everything it could to shut up any dissent of Cruz.....Happy now...guess you couldn't shut Cruz up from revealing his true self!   IDIOTS!


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