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Friday, March 06, 2015

Watching 'Conservatives' turn into Bleeding heart liberals! STUNNING!!! WE ARE SCREWED!

This story was originally entered a few days ago on our FB page.   TheTownCrier has NEVER met with more vitriol over any story.  When I tried to reason with these misguided 'conservitives' I was met with namecalling, the entire was like being in a pit of liberals...but no, THESE were good 'conservatives'....

UPDATE:   the 'community' patted themselves on the back for coming to the defense of a 'needy' family...problem is, after 'the community' buying them their THIRD car, this week it is reported by the same local radio station, they STILL can't get this kid to school on time!  
 YOU didn't read!  YOU didn't bother to think! YOU simply attacked the messenger!  You attacked the school, who TRIED a half dozen times to deal with the parents!
  The facts were there, but MILLIONS of NARROW minded 'conservatives' went on emotion instead, JUST LIKE LIBERALS!  SHAME ON YOU!
And you do the SAME thing when you vote! JUST like LIBERALS!  You get stuck on a candidate...Palin & Cruz come to mind....and refuse to consider GAWD!

HEADLINE:   OREGON BOY humiliated by School's punishment for Tardiness

CONSERVATISM is dead, along with the country! Sorry, making excuses won't change it is..
A 'conservative' radio host, Bill Meyer, picks up a story about a 6 year old who is being unfairly punished by his school for habitual (at least six times) tardiness and the story goes viral. Mom, Dad, Grandma and the entire family complain they can't get kid to school on time because one of their vehicles doesn't start well.
Okay....looks like a typical story of school over reach when they stick the kid at a table by himself with a shield around him as punishment. But the 'car' was able to get to the school and take a photo of the kid being punished.
THIS is the stunning part. About 1 out of 100 responses make ANY sense what so ever...that the FAULT is with the kids family who willingly let him go through this humiliation half a dozen times...the article AND the live interview of 'Mom' both say the kid BEGGED his mom not to make him late because he gets humiliated at school.........DUH...HELLO????
So the 'community' chips in...raises hell with the school, buys the family ANOTHER car and pays to get it fixed up.
My point, there are HUNDREDS of families who actually deserve some help. THis isn't one of them. The school, because of pressure, has changed their policy....have his parents??? Mom and Dad, even Grandma, who could have taken the kid to school instead of FACEBOOK should be punished, not rewarded with 'community' who is running on emotion instead of logic!.…/ore-boy-humiliated-school-puni…

The family of an Oregon first-grader is outraged that his school forced the boy to sit by himself during lunch as punishment for being late.
If you actually bother to READ what the parents said, that the child was upset THAT morning because his mom was making him late again! He was upset because he knew he would be punished...but even that didn't motivate them to get him to school on time..only to show up to take the picture...????........Don't libs mollycoddle the guilty enough...and no, I don't mean the child...I mean the IRRESPONSIBLE family!
Now for some DEMOCRAT Hypocrisy!  
 Here's NANCY!

Remember when DEMOCRATS, The same ones who snubbed BIBI,  invited and gave this MEXICAN president a standing ovation IN CONGRESS a couple years ago as he DEMANDED our laws be overturned to suit his exported criminals!? Nah, THAT wasn't political!

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