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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pictures worth a 1000 words and News YOU missed!



Headline:     "Marco Rubio heckled by conservatives over immigration push"

AWWW...Poor Marco....but his campaign coffers are growing because the donors (Kochs, Microsoft, the banks...the usual owners of politicians) are who he was trying to impress in the first place! They put him in office to do their bidding (open border, cheap labor) , and they'll keep him there regardless of what we want.  

From the web!

"Relax, Marco! Lynds and I have been dealing with those dirtbags for years! Look, I'll put in a call to Trumka. He'll send some AFL-CIO guys down to Florida for your next Town Hall - they'll take care of those idiots, I promise you!"


These signs are greeting drivers on I-485 in Northern Virginia right now.

Photo: These signs are greeting drivers on I-485 in Northern Virginia right now.


Don't forget, this is the Joe Biden who LIED about the death of his wife..he said she was killed by a drunk driver..she drove in front of a destroyed the innocent man's life.Photo: Joe Biden thinks the Tea Party has "acted like terrorists." We think he's an idiot. Do you agree?


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