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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sanctuary State Oregon rewards law breakers!! News you missed!

UPDATE:  Yep! Oregon did it....voted to give illegal aliens Driver's Licenses.  I hope Bill Meyer and Dennis Richardson are happy with themselves.

"We will vote here on the floor today to reward bad behavior," Rep. Sal Esquivel, 
 R-Medford, said.
Thank you for thinking of the USA first, Mr. Esquivel!!   

In his statement, Kitzhaber said the bill is motivated by a vision "that all Oregonians deserve their shot at the American dream.
"This bill helps create secure jobs with upward income mobility, and supports safe, secure communities where people have a sense of common purpose and commitment to one another," Kitzhaber said.
If signed, the bill's provisions will take effect Jan. 1.
NO!!!  Illegal Aliens are NOT OREGONIANS!!!!  UGH! 
A THANK YOU to other Oregon Talk Show hosts who see the INSANITY of giving aliens Drivers Licenses!
Sunrise with CW & Craig! KCMX also carries Mark Levin, the ONLY national host brave enough to name the names behind this amnesty!  880 on your local AM dial!
Rep. Esquivel will be a guest this morning  (May 1, 2013) 
Rep. Esquivel has clarified the wording of this bill...aliens will get a 'driver's card'...not a 'license'....I suppose that made the state legislature feel better about BREAKING THE LAW!

Senator Rubio - THE AMNESTY MAN (to the tune of CANDY Man) MUST SEE YOU TUBE!



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