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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Obamacare may cost you your home!

 If you are an illegal alien, criminal or other various leeches on our society, this won't concern you.  Your health care will be paid for by US CITIZENS and you will never have to pay it back!
This concerns the typical US citizen who has worked, followed the rules, sacrificed to pay off his house, or most of it.     Buried deep in Obamacare (remember Nancy Pelosi told us we had to pass it to find out what was in it!) is a provision taken from the Budget reconciliation act of 1993, signed into law by Bill Clinton.   Often states have not bothered to enforce this provision, it was left to their discretion.  But no more!   Under Obamacare, the IRS will be in charge of enforcement, and they WILL collect!  FROM YOU!

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh had a caller who stated that under obamacare anyone receiving medicaid would have their home attached for the cost of coverage & benefits.  

TRUE!   I was very ill in the 90's, could not work and checked into medicaid..YES, they can LIEN your home for the cost of coverage...that was Oregon.  I refused to apply with this rule and sold my home to get medical care, since I knew I could handle my assets better than the government.  I also checked out California...same thing.    Either way, I lost my home, didn't I?  And so will you.

The difference now, is that the IRS will be charged with compliance and YOU WILL lose the equity in your home if you get 'government health care'!

I was curious... I knew Clinton signed the act...Interesting WHO threw all us homeowners under the bus....from Wikipedia...

"Ultimately every Republican in Congress voted against the bill, as did a number of Democrats. Vice President Al Gore broke a tie in the Senate on both the Senate bill and the conference report. The House bill passed 219-213 on Thursday, May 27, 1993.[1] The House passed the conference report on Thursday, August 5, 1993, by a vote of 218 to 216 (217 Democrats and 1 independent (Sanders (I-VT)) voting in favor; 41 Democrats and 175 Republicans voting against)"

That's right...ALL DEMOCRATS and socialist Bernie Sanders!  The party of criminals, illegal aliens and the 'gimmeee crowd'.  They care NOTHING about those of us who worked hard and played by the rules.

Read it from the government web site:

[snips] Medicaid Estate Recovery

Such property includes assets that pass directly to a survivor, heir or assignee through joint tenancy, rights of survivorship, life estates, living trusts, annuity remainder payments, or life insurance payouts.

The home is considered to be part of the recoverable estate unless it is protected for the spouse or certain other close relatives, or is conveyed outside of the State’s definition of “estate” (e.g., through a life estate).
At a minimum, states must recover amounts spent by Medicaid for long-term care and related drug and hospital benefits, including Medicaid payments for Medicare cost sharing related to these services. However, they have the option of recovering the costs of all Medicaid services paid on the recipient’s behalf. The majority of states recover spending for more than the minimum of long-term care and related expenses.19
Recoveries may not exceed the total amount spent by Medicaid on the individual’s behalf at or after age 55.21
Surviving family members or heirs of Medicaid recipients must not be asked to use their own funds to repay Medicaid, except, possibly, in the case of an estate that includes the deceased recipient’s home. When home equity becomes part of the estate, it is subject to Medicaid estate recovery. The survivors may either sell the home and use the proceeds to satisfy the Medicaid claim or, if they wish to keep the home in the family, satisfy the claim with their own personal funds.[snip]

(That's right, kiddies...don't expect to get a dime out of your parents home if they need medicaid/obamacare! )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Medicaid is for the destitute. Why should you not pay for your care if you are able? Who should?-The taxpayer. I am afraid that I wont be able to use my equity to pay for care. Obamacare won't let you pay out of pocket.

or- are you saying that this will apply to medicare too?

12:10 PM  

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