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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freedom and CHOICE is NOT a liberal one way street!

Happy Easter, EveryONE!  Even Google, you Jack Asses!

So today  google decided to ignore Jesus and hail the birthday of the racist thug Ceasar Chavez!
I don't even pretend to be a good Christian, and I'M offended!


Isn't THAT special???  Now, the amnesty promoting honchos at Google likely don't even realize that their hero Chavez was ANTI ILLEGAL ALIEN!  USEFUL IDIOTS!

"In fact, Chavez led a march in 1969 from the Coachella and Imperial Valleys to the Mexican border to underscore his position of opposition to undocumented labor."

UH...Google.....ya could have 'googled it'!    Bing appears to be the search engine of choice today.

This item was  found a few years back on vehicles in Los Angeles: 
Google often celebrates Islam on their main page:

  Or maybe the 2nd Amendment!!!!
Freedom and CHOICE is NOT  a liberal one way street!


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