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Friday, March 22, 2013

Fools to the left of us, Fools on the right - stuck in the middle with Amnesty!

We would all do well to acknowledge just who the power brokers are who are pushing amnesty.
Please note below from Open Secrets, Microsoft's big issues.  Gates gives most of his $$$ to democrats, except for lobbying.    He supported Obama, is a fan of amnesty.  He likes cheap labor.

Microsoft - TOP ISSUES LOBBIED, 2012
1. Taxes
2. Immigration
3. Telecommunications
4. Computers & Information Tech
5. Copyright, Patent & Trademark

Do you know who his biggest lobbyists are.....The K St. goons who facilitate his liberal agenda?
That might surprise you.
[SNIP]”Yesterday, Grover Norquist’s weekly Americans for Tax Reform conclave was the venue for an announcement by Suhail Khan that he was becoming director for external affairs for Microsoft. 
Khan’s transformation into a corporate lobbyist comes amidst rising concerns in conservative circles about his longstanding family and personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan) in America and his positions in favor of such MB priorities as building the Ground Zero mosque, closing Guantanamo Bay.... dissembling about shariah, etc. “

THAT would be the same radical Islam apologist Suhail Khan, CPAC organizer & board member
AND Grover Norquist, CPAC organizer , founder of the Islamic Institute & Microsoft lobbyist, friend of the American Conservative Union...who happens to also be for AMNESTY.

An article in the nation explains how the Norquist scam works:
 Take General Electric, which faced withering, bipartisan criticism last year when it was revealed that the company, thanks to a myriad of tax credits and other tax subsidies, had paid no federal income taxes in 2010. Norquist was there to defend the company in a chat with The Washington Post, arguing absurdly that removing billions in tax rebates to GE would just be a tax on consumers. Cutting GE’s tax credits, after all, would break the Norquist pledge.
In a recently posted 2011 giving report, General Electric says it made a contribution of $50,000 to Norquist’s foundation that year.
Consider that—GE gave more to Norquist in 2011 than it paid the IRS for income taxes in 2010, a year the corporation made $14.2 billion in profits.
Then he sends out volumes of fund raisers for ATR and his various other conservative sounding 'non profits' to loyal conservatives so they can send their money to him to facilitate the likes of GE and Microsoft!  And IT'S all legal!  Lying and using US citizens to bring about amnesty to profit our enemies is just another day at the office for Norquist and Khan.
 Bottom line?  Conservatives, you are paying for your own demise while Grover & Khan are raking in your hard earned money at CPAC and the ACU!

  They don't care about poor aliens, and they don't care about YOU!


 Must read article: 

EDITORIAL: The immigration trap 

Republicans should think twice before adopting another amnesty

 Republican strategist Mike McKenna. “But if you are a Republican and support it for political reasons, you are an idiot who cannot read or understand survey data.
As for comprehensive immigration reform, the party would best follow the lead of Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama and five other Republican senators, who on Tuesday urged “a step-by-step approach [rather] than trying to deal with these complex and emotional issues in one massive piece of legislation.”
"These senators are concerned that the Senate will return from the Easter recess ready to force through the overstuffed immigration bill concocted behind closed doors by the “gang of eight.” Obamacare taught us the folly of passing a bill to learn what’s in it. This is doubly true for immigration.
Republicans must hold fast against the siren song of “compromise” that tries to sell amnesty as the ticket to electoral success. If it were, Senate Democrats would be the last to propose it."[snip]


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