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Friday, January 27, 2012

Now you 'Conservatives' are scaring me! NEWT???? UGHHHHH

Someone asked me who I'm going to vote for, Santorum or Paul. Newt never had a consideration for those of us with a MEMORY. Mitt gets more confusing as he goes along.

I think Santorum and Newt will ally before it's over.

Probably Paul...he puts things down to their basics.

Like in the CNN debate last night.

RON PAUL ...."we don't have a well-managed border. So I think we need more resources and I think most of the other candidates would agree we need more resources. But where are the resources going to come from?

I have a suggestion. I think we spend way too much time worrying about the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Use some of those resources on our own border."


Michelle Bachman told the truth about the AMNESTY letter Newt signed, but what good did it do? The Chumps for Gingrich just slaughtered the messenger and for telling the truth, she's out!

The last thing 90% of this country wants is the truth, and that includes all the Faux conservatives running around internet forums. You ALL should know better than to give Newt Gingrich the time of day!

But they will defend a lie over the truth EVERY TIME! Talk about useful idiots. Like Mark Twain said, "They think they think!"

When people get out of their emotional prisons, we'll start getting decent candidates. Don't they understand that con men like Newt and his promoters like Grover Norquist and YES, SARAH PALIN, have always COUNTED on knee jerk emotionalism instead of examining the record!

Last time around the same hard headed republicans wanted Fred Thompson, who was just a place holder to knock out the real conservative competition, just like Palin was this time! He waited to get in until he was needed to prop up McCain and she just stalled, and made you all sit there waiting.......for Newt Gingrich???? GIVE me a break!

Hell! We should ALL be able to remember what an ASS, (YEAH, I said it!)Gingrich was!

But the denial is SO strong it even wipes out their own memories! They are still dishonest enough to tell ya that Newt's increased immigration stance, NaFTA, GATT, "mostfavorednation" & loans to CHINA were all GOOD THINGS!

Un-FREAKING-believable! Newt stands there and calls us all 'inhumane' for not wanting a few million OLD illegal aliens in the country... while YOU are supporting them as we explained in this rant!

I have a kid like that. Reality is just such a nuisance in her life! Well, guess what, this kind of voting...which the Obamaites excel at.......has gotten us a mess we will likely NEVER get out of. Not with trying to elect the Newts and their puppet masters like Norquist of this world!

FOR GOD'S SAKE! NEWT was in congress and headed the way to get us into most of the mess we face.


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich lied! This time about Reagan!

Yesterday on his radio program, Mark Levin, who actually worked in the Reagan White House, reminded us that Gingrich did not, even though he is trying to take credit for being a planner of Reagan's 'supply side economics'. Newt didn't get elected to the house of representatives for several years after! he'll be telling us he invented the Linkinternet! This is not the first of Newts lies, and won't be the last. If you brain numbed republicans nominate Newt, OBAMA WILL BE RELECTED!

... "Mark Levin states that supply side economics predates Gingrich and was not
invented by Gingrich".....

Hot Air had the story on Jan 4th.
.. But Gingrich recently told Sean Hannity​, “I helped Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp​ develop supply-side economics …”
In Ronald Reagan’s autobiography, “An American Life​,” he writes extensively about supply-side economics. He cites Jack Kemp several times. He never mentions Newt Gingrich.
(However, in Reagan’s massive 784-page diary, Newt’s name does come up — once. On Jan. 3, 1983, Reagan wrote that he met with “a group of young Repub Congressmen,” and says that one of them, “Newt Gingrich,” proposed freezing federal spending at 1983 levels, which Reagan rejected out of hand because it would “cripple our defense program.”)

Arthur Laffer did work with Reagan to develop the policy of Supply Side Economics and oddly supports Gingrich...maybe he should listen to what Liar Newt actually says.....
No where does Laffer mention that Newt was anywhere near the plan, that any of us can find.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Knew??? Character doesn't matter to Conservatives after all! CFG's -Chumps for Gingrich

Since 1991, we've heard nothing but the cries and moans of the 'values voters' that "CHARACTER MATTERS"....until it comes to one of their own, evidently. The cult like, emotional reasoning of the GOP is astonishing. Rush is making himself into a total hypocritical ASS this morning trying to excuse good ol' Newt. Hannity will take the PM shift! They're willing to ignore the sexual sins of Newt Gingrich, nearly identical to those of Clinton, and use the left tactics of destroying the messenger.

So, now we know that Newt wanted his wife and his mistress at the same time. But that's not the worst of it. These phony conservatives are also willing to just IGNORE the ample, liberal leaning, DANGEROUS history of Newt Gingrich. JUST WOW!

For all you CFGs* out there , let me count the ways........(will be added to daily- this is just a taste of Newt!)

Newt IS all about AMNESTY!

Newt supported the Left's view of Global Warming & pushed legislation to do so!

Newt does not have the upbringing and emotional stability to be president.

Newt never had a job that wasn't paid for by the taxpayer. He is a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!

Newt has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations since 1990. This alone should disqualify him from consideration of any 'Conservative'

Newt has no problem cozying up to and pushing policy for the worst of the Left, like Al Sharpton.

Newt cosponsored the 1987 Fairness Doctrine (anti 1st Amendment legislation)

In 1996, Newt Gingrich turned his back on guns and voted for the anti-2nd amendment Brady Campaign’s Lautenberg Gun Ban

Newt supported spending $30B for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Actof 1994 that shackled gun owners with new restrictions, federalized a number of crimes, and handed the feds police powers that the Constitution reserves to the states.

Newt lobbied for Federal ethanol subsidies, Medicare drug subsidy, and took several million from Freddie Mac.

Newt was fined $300,000 for ethics violations (lying to investigators, asking others to lie and fraud ) and asked to give up his congressional seat by REPUBLICANS!

New was Big supporter of Foreign Aid, often to our enemies.
- In one year (1994-1995) Gingrich voted for nearly $45 billion in foreign aid.
- He helped push through Federally-funded loan guarantees to Communist China.

Newt supported and promoted the same government one-payer health Ins. mandate supported by Obama

Gingrich quotes:

"[My ambition] is to be an old-time political boss in 20 years."

I WAS A GREEN PUPPET WHEN IT WASN’T COOL: “When I first ran for Congress I was the natural candidate of most environmental groups…” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Page 168

"Grover Norquist is the person who I regard as the most innovative, creative, courageous and entrepreneurial leader of the anti-tax efforts and of conservative grassroots activism in America . . . He has truly made a difference and truly changed American history.”

Newt is the handmaiden of the most corrupt GOP Operative,Muslim loving Grover Norquist.
The Pledge: Grover Norquist's hold on the GOP,
CBS News Nov 20, 2011 . 60 Minutes on CBS

Newt Gingrich, the Eric Cartman of the Gop...same nasty disposition, spoiled little brat with only a neurotic mother to raise him, and Always only looking out for his own selfish interests. They even look alike!


*"Here it comes! For all you CfG's(chumps for Gingrich), I hope you enjoy mouthing, "character doesn't count," which you decried in 1992. ANY adulterer is a serial liar capable of convincing himself fully of the rightness of any course. This is why Newtie can turn on a dime, blowing "insurance mandate," "Global Warming," and "Contract with the Earth" in one instance and repudiating it the next."

Hannity is using the old, 'well, Obama is worse than Newt' blather today. Reminds me of one of my grown kids, who every time he doesn't reach for the best he can be uses the excuse that there is always someone worse. Hannity is wrong, my kid is wrong and America would have never become more than a 3rd world dump if we had just settled for less than the best we could strive to be.

This should be the new GOP poster!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The really BAD property rights record of Newt Gingrich

UPDATE...It just gets worse!

Gingrich co-sponsored 418 bills in Congress with Pelosi during the 12
years they served together in the House, according to the Library of
Congress’s THOMAS database.

Gingrich was in Congress from 1979 to 1999. Pelosi has served since 1987. Speaker John Boehner, who has servedin Congress with Pelosi for more than 20 years, has only co-sponsored 104 bills with her.

Many of the bills Gingrich and Pelosi co-sponsored were hardly
divisive, But one piece of legislation SHOULD be problematic for
Gingrich with conservatives: the Global Warming Prevention Act of
1989, which never made it out of committee.

The legislation declared that climate change was “a major threat to
political stability, international security and economic prosperity.”

The bill could also make the pro-life community uneasy with language
about the availability of “family planning services” that included a
declaration that, “curbing world population growth will be critical to
achieving the goals.”

And while it prohibited funds from going towards “involuntary
sterilization or abortion,” it doesn’t appear the bill would have
prevented “voluntary” cases of abortion.

R.C. Hammond, a spokesman for Gingrich, didn’t comment when reached by email.
H.R. 1078: Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989

101st Congress: 1989-1990

To establish national policies and support and encourage international agreements that implement energy and natural resource conservation strategies appropriate to preventing the overheating of the Earth's atmosphere, known as the "greenhouse effect".
think just like an Obama worshiper. Damn the country, full speed ahead for them! As Daddy used to say, "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!"

ATP sinks Gingrich in CPAC Straw Poll
Speaker’s long record of radical environmentalism bombs with CPAC voters after ATP’s ‘Power-Grabbing Newt’ campaign Feb. 2011


Hint: These are all recent Newt Gingrich statements.

I WAS A GREEN PUPPET WHEN IT WASN’T COOL: “When I first ran for Congress I was the natural candidate of most environmental groups…” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Page 168

CREATE GLOBAL SPENDING REGIMES: “If the United States challenged Europe and Japan to join it in financing a world biodiversity refuge system and tied foreign aid into the process of maintaining biodiversity, we could probably save a very high percentage of the earth’s biological richness…” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Pages 170-171

SPREAD THE WEALTH, TO GREENS: “The United States should support substantial research into climate change, managing the response to climate change, and in developing new non-carbon energy systems.” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Page 171

PUT DC IN CONTROL: “The federal government should establish measurable standards for a healthy environment…” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Page 172

CASH FOR CLUNKERS? MORE, PLEASE: “A tax credit to subsidize energy efficient cars (including a tax credit for turning in old and heavily polluting cars) is another idea we should support.” Newt Gingrich, “Winning The Future,” Page 174

INDOCTRINATE THEM YOUNG: “As a young professor at West Georgia College, I taught in the second Earth Day in 1971 and coordinated an interdisciplinary environmental studies program.” Newt Gingrich, “Real Change,” Page 196

NEWT ENDORSES ‘CASH FOR CLUNKERS,’ AGAIN: “There ought to be a tax break for trading in old cars that use a lot of petroleum and emit a lot of pollution.” Newt Gingrich, “Real Change,” Page 204

WE MUST PROTECT THE ESA “That is why I worked so diligently as Speaker of the House to protect the Endangered Species Act, historic legislation that has been mired in controversy…The Endangered Species Act is an excellent example of the value of civility, consultation and collaboration.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Pages XII & 51

THE EARTH NEEDS A GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER “Government, at all levels, should be a facilitator for entrepreneurial, private-sector innovations and the formation of private-public environmental partnerships.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 13

STOP THE CONSERVATIVES FROM LIMITING GOVERNMENT POWER “For that reason, we have supported its (the Endangered Species Act’s) continuation against all challenges by private citizens, interest groups, and congressional opponents.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 53

CREATE NEW GOVERNMENT SPENDING PROGRAMS “The U.S. government operates endowments for the humanities and the arts…Perhaps, it is time we consider a new endowment for conservation and the environment.” “Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Pages 115-116 [NOTE: As Speaker, Gingrich told conservatives he wanted to eliminate the wasteful National Endowment for the Arts. Now he cites it as an example of a government spending spree that needs to be duplicated.]

SPEND ‘SIGNIFICANT’ TAX MONEY IN THE U.S., AND AROUND THE WORLD “Significant resources should be set aside to protect hallowed sites such as the Galapagos Islands, the Virguna Volcanoes in Central Africa, and Georgia’s Okenfenokee Swamp, to name a few.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 117

MILITANT ENVIRONMENTALISM…LITERALLY? “John Muir, for most of his adult life, experienced nature in spiritual overtones…He even favored using the armed forces to enforce environmental law…However, with the inexorable advance of the urban realm, the defense of forested land assumes a greater urgency as we strive to sustain the highest-quality standards for our nation’s air, water, and land.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 127

HOORAY FOR RECORD-BREAKING SPENDING HIKES! “Our national parks and wildlife reserves require more vigorous protection. With an eye toward strengthening his environmental legacy in the 2007 federal budget, President Bush requested the largest increase for national park funding in our nation’s history. We should expect nothing less than excellence from our national park system.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Pages 130-131

ENVIRONMENTALISM, OUR GLOBAL RELIGION OF PEACE “Far from becoming a new source of global discord, environmentalism, which binds nations to a common concern, will be the best thing that’s ever happened to international relations.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Pages 149-150

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE IS THE SOLUTION “We will need to organize a series of high-level global conferences that focus on specific [environmental] problems…” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 158

GOVERNMENT IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF INNOVATION “…the type of arduous research that produces real breakthroughs can only be funded by astute governments.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 167

NEWT WANTS TO BRING BACK CARTER ENERGY POLICIES “America used to be that kind of government [that spent millions of tax dollars on “energy research” welfare programs,] but our commitments have wavered in recent years so government incentives for energy research will be issues in future political campaigns.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 1

NEWT LOVES THE UN’S KYOTO TREATY GLOBAL APPROACH “Mobilizing other countries to join us will not be as easy as it may appear. Many of the countries that signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol are lagging behind on their commitments.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 168

STOP CONSERVATIVE OPPOSITION TO THE ESA “The act [Endangered Species Act] has been, by any measure, a very successful guardian of wildlife and habitat and any attempt to weaken it should be resisted.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 170

NEWT INVENTS A NEW DISEASE ONLY ENVIRONMENTALISM CAN CURE “…our children, according to Louv, run the risk of acquiring ‘nature deficit disorder,’ a malady that he describes as a contributing factor to a recognized mental health construct, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Nature deficit disorder, not yet acknowledged by scientists or clinicians, is a working hypothesis that Louv believes helps to explain the onset of ADHD, and he proposes that exposure to nature should be offered as a therapy for children who have difficulty attending to stimuli and learning in conventional classrooms. His call for research in this domain is compelling.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 182

LOCAL GOVERNMENTS SHOULD REDISTRIBUTE INCOME TO ‘STIMULATE’ GREEN COMPLIANCE “Local governments operate much closer to the origin of environmental problems, and they have begun to provide tax incentives and large cash rewards for environmental compliance…While the motivation is driven by the application of tax dollars, the effect is rewarding rather than punitive…” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 194

DON’T CUT GOVERNMENT, JUST MAKE IT NICER “…our government, at all levels, must be modernized to successfully partner, let alone compete, with the private sector.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 196

MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FACT “We agree that there is plenty of evidence that global climate change is occurring…While humanity is certainly causing its fair share of the change, scientists are still not able to precisely pinpoint the extent of the change, or the margin of error in their estimates.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 200

GIVING TAX DOLLARS TO LIBERALS IS OUR ONLY HOPE “In spite of the demonstrated liberal leanings in academia, we have nothing but respect for the nation’s scientists. They represent America’s best hope to protect the environment. We support a dramatic increase in science and technology research and development because we desperately need to understand global climate change and other environmental phenomena.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 201

MOTHER EARTH NEEDS ALL YOUR INCOME “Needless to say, an appropriate and significant investment of public and private funding to renew the earth will pay dividends.” Newt Gingrich, “A Contract With The Earth,” Page 202

Massive tax hikes and new government spending? Federal & global regulation?
Real conservatives, like American Tradition Partnership, disagree.
Tell “Power-Grabbing Newt” what you think of his radical liberal agenda.

# # #

Gingrich’s Record on Property Rights

This morning on “Meet the Press,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich repeatedly insisted that he and the other candidates should be evaluated based upon their respective records. Fair enough. As it happens, Gingrich may be the only nominee who actively sabotaged an important conservative reform effort. Even though the protection of property rights was a plank in the Contract with America, and the enthusiasm of the property rights movement had been important in the GOP takeover of Congress, Gingrich personally prevented property-rights-protective reforms of the Endangered Species Act from passing the House and then gave one of the most liberal members of the Republican caucus and environmental activist groups a de facto veto over environmental legislation.
These machinations were documented in an article in The Environmental Forum, a magazine published by the Environmental Law Institute — an article Gingrich cited favorably in his own book on environmental policy. Does Gingrich still believe he made the right choice? What should conservatives make of this part of his record? Are there any other candidates who betrayed conservative principles so directly and with equivalent results? I’m still waiting for the former Speaker to address this part of his record (if he has, I have not seen it).

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End game: Learn your Spanish...We are MEXICO NORTE'

Chicano Park gets makeover ($1.6 million federal government grant for "La Raza" murals)
FOX 5 San Diego ^ | January 13, 2012 |Photobucket

Thanks to a $1.6 million grant from the federal government, 18 of the murals are being restored.

The artists working on the restoration said each painting has significant symbolism.

“It’s that significant to me because it’s art for our people,”Charcon said. “It’s art of our people and for our people and [we’re] sharing it with different communities.”

"Dollars stolen from American workers used to make America look like Mexico. That makes a lot of sense. Geeesh!" by FlingWingFlyer


Mexico home to five of world's deadliest cities
The council — an NGO founded in 2002 — compiled the list of the globe’s 50 most violent cities by comparing every city with more than 300,000 residents for which homicide statistics were available on the internet.

Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, which led the list for three consecutive years, dropped to second in 2011 with a tally of 148 homicides for every 100,000 residents.

The other Mexican cities finishing in the top 10 for 2011 were Acapulco with 128 murders per 100,000 people, Torreon with 88, Chihuahua with 83, and Durango with 80 homicides.

Forty of the 50 most dangerous cities are in Latin America, including 14 in Brazil.

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This is a NATION, not a religion! VOTE RON PAUL!

Ron Paul has the endorsement of a leading evangelic, Dr. James Linzey, president and founder of the Military Bible Association. For those of you Christians, both real and phony who would see this country ruled as a theocracy rather than a constitutional nation, you should heed his words:

“The tell-tale sign of being qualified for the presidency is not faith, but loyalty to the Constitution which defends the open expression of faith. Ron Paul seems to be the candidate most loyal to the Constitution according to the records ...
Having thoroughly examined your political philosophy and finding that your platform is 100% in line with the Constitution of the United States of America, and examining your political record to find that you have consistently upheld the Constitution and thereby faithfully represented your constituency, and studying your statement of faith to find that your faith and religious experience is 100% compatible with Evangelical Christianity and Orthodox Christianity, I hereby endorse you for the Office of the President of the United States of America. I wish you Godspeed!"

Ron Paul 2012 Official Campaign Website

Help Restore America Now with a common-sense,
Constitutional government.

Support Ron Paul for President.
Principled Leadership


Despite Paul polling much better than candidates who received coverage, a montage of mainstream media clips that showed commentators ignoring, and two CNN correspondents admitting to suppressing, coverage of Paul. The Project for Excellence in Journalism found that Ron Paul did in fact receive substantially less coverage than other candidates in the 2012 race. Ron Paul was asked in a Fox News interview "What are they [the media] afraid of?" He answered "They don't want to discuss my views, because I think they're frightened by me challenging the status quo and the establishment."

The Project for Excellence in Journalism released another study in October 2011 further confirming that Ron Paul has been receiving disproportionately low coverage in the media

During the November 12 CBS/National Journal Debate, Paul was allocated 90 seconds speaking time. Paul's campaign responded, saying, "Congressman Paul was only allocated 90 seconds of speaking in one televised hour.

ANY, yes, including Christian 'conservatives' , should be OUTRAGED that ANY candidate is being intentionally sidelined! Just think where Paul would be (first instead of second!) if he had been treated fairly.

THAT is what scares 'em to death!

Paul has received endorsements from:

Political parties


New York
  • Tea Party Coalition of Western New York[92]
  • Allegany County Tea Party of New York[93]
  • Buffalo Liberty Tea Party of New York[93]
  • Monroe County Tea Party of New York[93]
  • Ontario County Tea Party of New York[93]
  • Steuben County Tea Party of New York[93]

Party officials
Democratic Party officials
Republican Party officials
  • Cory Adams, Republican chairman of Story County in Iowa[95]
  • Josh Davenport, Republican co-chair of Clay County in Iowa[96]
  • David Fischer, member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee[97]
  • Heath Hill, former Republican chairman of Story County in Iowa[98]
  • Drew Ivers, member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee[97]
  • Jeremiah Johnson, member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee[91]
  • James Mills, member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee[97]
  • A.J. Spiker, member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee and former Republican chairman of Story County[98]
  • Kris Thiessen, Republican chair of Clay County in Iowa[96]

Current U.S. Senators and Congresspeople


Current state legislators
New Hampshire
  • Jim Forsythe, New Hampshire State Senator[105]
  • Andy Sanborn, New Hampshire State Senator[106]
  • Ray White, New Hampshire State Senator[107]
  • Anne Cartwright, New Hampshire State Representative (Cheshire, District 2)[108]
  • Jenn Coffey, New Hampshire State Representative (Merrimack, District 6)[109]
  • Seth Cohn, New Hampshire State Representative (Merrimack, District 6)
  • Tim Comerford, New Hampshire State Representative[109]
  • Guy Comtois, New Hampshire State Representative (Belknap, District 5)
  • Cameron DeJong, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 9)[105]
  • Phil Greazzo, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 17) and Manchester Ward 10 Alderman[110]
  • J.R. Hoell, New Hampshire State Representative (Merrimack, District 13)[111]
  • Paul Ingbretson, New Hampshire State Representative (Grafton, District 5)[112]
  • Kyle Jones, New Hampshire State Representative (Rochester)[113]
  • Laura Jones, New Hampshire State Representative (Rochester)[109]
  • Robert Kingsbury, New Hampshire State Representative (Belknap, District 4)[114]
  • George Lambert, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 27)[115]
  • Robert Malone, New Hampshire State Representative (Belknap, District 5.)[116]
  • Jonathan S. Maltz, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 27)[117]
  • Donna Mauro, New Hampshire State Representative[109]
  • Andrew Manuse, New Hampshire State Representative[118]
  • Paul Mirski, New Hampshire State Representative (Grafton, District 10)[119]
  • Keith Murphy, New Hampshire State Representative (Bedford)[120]
  • Laurence Rappaport, New Hampshire State Representative[121]
  • Kevin Reichard, New Hampshire State Representative[122]
  • Lisa Scontsas, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 22)[123]
  • Tammy Simmons, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 17)[109]
  • Kathy Souza, New Hampshire State Representative[124]
  • Norman Tregenza, New Hampshire State Representative[105]
  • Lucien Vita, New Hampshire State Representative (Middleton)[113]
  • Carol Vita, New Hampshire State Representative (Middleton)[113]
  • Mark Warden, New Hampshire State Representative (Hillsborough, District 7)[109]

According to Forsythe, Paul has received support from twenty New Hampshire state representatives as of early July 2011.[125]

North Carolina
New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Carolina
  • Cary Condotta, Washington State Representative[138]
  • Matt Shea, Washington State Representative[139]
  • Kendell Kroeker, Wyoming State Representative (House District 35)[140]

Former Cabinet members, diplomats, and other officials

Political activists

Former Judges

Former CIA Officers
  • Michael Scheuer, a former CIA intelligence officer who served as the Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station from 1996 to 1999, and Special Advisor to the CIA's bin Laden unit from September 2001 to November 2004.[153]



Celebrities and commentators

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Only Gingrich could make Romney look good! THE REAL NEWT!

So much for that old line about Reagan's 11th amendment! Playing the lefts class warfare game has backfired on Newt. Newt isn't happy....he's being seen for what he is...a petulant, emotionally challenged old fool who makes Romney look better than he ever has! Yeah, he's 'smart' alright.

It's impossible to fathom that so called conservatives could EVER consider Newt Gingrich for any office! He is the rights Barak Obama...a Community Organizer...never had a job that wasn't government or funded by the taxpayers for one of his many 'non profit's'. One would think that being forced to resign his seat in congress by his own party would be enough to wake them up!

We criticized Clinton and Obama as children of dysfunctional families and Newt is just another 'lost little boy', incapable of being a responsible adult.

Newt Gingrich was born on June 17, 1943, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His mother Kathleen Daugherty and father Newton Searles McPherson divorced soon after Newt was born. Kathleen remarried to an Army officer named Robert Gingrich, who adopted the boy. Gingrich has three younger half-sisters, Candace, Susan, and Roberta.

Growing up, Gingrich's family moved around frequently, like many military families. He graduated from Baker High School in Columbus, Georgia

Gail Sheehy explains in a Vanity Fair article:
From the cauldron of his childhood -- the father who abandoned him, the manic depressive mother who loved him too much, the stepfather whose anger shaped the family -- Newt Gingrich emerged with a heroic need that became his mission.

Gingrich remarks about his stepfather, "He and I fought from the time he adopted me until I was 19. " His childhood --shaped by the rejection by not just one but two fathers, and the manic-depressive illness of his mother-- created a psychic need so great that only the praise that attends a savior can fill the vacuum inside him. He drives himself monomaniacally, obsessed only with his goal. No amount of personal deprivation --100-hour workweeks, no vacations, no time with his wife-- diminishes his narcissistic vision of the global glory that will ultimately be his prize.

Despite the fact that one of Newt Gingrich's forebears fought in the Civil War on the Yankee side, everyone thinks that the Georgia congressman is a dyed-in-the-wool son of a Dixie. He is not. He is rootless, raised on a drifting landscape of army bases here and abroad and in a blue-collar backwater in Pennsylvania called Hummelstown. (rootless...sounds like Obama to me!)

As the Speaker himself said, "I found a way to immerse my insecurities in a cause large enough to justify whatever I wanted it to."

"Newtie is still a kid," admits Kit. Marcella McPherson agrees: "Newtie wants things Newtie's way...If he wants something, he wants it now. Newtie was always for Newtie."Link
pursued higher education, receiving an M.A. in 1968 and a Ph.D. in modern European history from Tulane University in 1971. While in New Orleans, Gingrich developed an interest in religion, and was baptized in a Baptist church. Gingrich worked early on in academia, as an assistant professor of history and geography at West Georgia College.

Always interested in history and politics, Gingrich got involved as the Southern regional director for Nelson Rockefeller.

"Looking back on everything, Newt was always focused on his agenda," recalls Dot Crews, Newt's campaign scheduler through the 70s. "It was not about political philosophy with Newt --never. If the country today were to move to the left, Newt would sense it before it started happening and lead the way."

In 1974 he gave a quote to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which was clearly meant for the history books: "[My ambition] is to be an old-time political boss in 20 years."

One of Newt's former girlfriends has this to say:

He met her back at her modest hotel room. "We had oral sex," she says. "He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, "I never slept with her." Indeed, before Gingrich left that evening, she says, he threatened her: "If you ever tell anybody about this, I'll say you're lying."(Shades of Bill Clinton!)

She tells me this, she says, because she fears that Newt might become president someday. "I don't claim to be an angel," she says, but she is repelled by Newt's stance as Mr. Family Values. "He's morally dishonest. He has gone too far believing that 'I'm beyond the law.' He should be stopped before it's too late." [snip]Link

Not everyone’s buying Gingrich’s anti-Agenda 21 cred

Gingrich voted to designate 68 million acres of land in Alaska as a “federally protected wilderness.” He also says that Gingrich transfered 2.2 million acres in Idaho to “federal wilderness land control” —

In a town hall meeting sponsored by East Orlando Tea Party in Orlando this past September, Gingrich described his efforts to fight Agenda 21 if he were elected president.

“One of the things that is popping up, for example, is Agenda 21, which is not something I even knew about until we did a couple of conference calls,” the former House speaker said.

For all the mocking and insults some good conservative 'Christians ' have thrown at Michelle Obama, it would be interesting to see their reaction to the left making fun of a first lady Callista Gingrich! I mean, get real....this is one homely woman! Just shows how bad Newt's judgment is!

Rudy Giuliani: "What the hell are you Doing, Newt?" Link

AND in the "PUT IT TO REST" category.....

Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Show, Frank Luntz tried to present the facts to Sean, but he just ignored it! GoP faithful refuse to allow any idea of a 3rd party (let's get real...we have only ONE big government party and MOST of us have NO representation!)

Getting the 1992/1996 elections right: ROSS PEROT DID NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOMES

"It is denying history, and being self-delusional. It is a sad attempt to discredit why we even got back to the White House after years of losing in landslides. It is also a self serving smear, to deny the fact that reforming welfare and cutting crime DID help us come back, and Clinton absolutely had potential to get a majority in a two way race. it also ignores MANY facts and actual imperical evidence, something the Perot myth completely IGNORES."

Before Ross Perot dropped out of the 1992 race, George Bush Sr. polled in the 30's, ml?res=9E0CE7DB133EF932A25755C0A96495826 0 When Perot left the race, Bill Clinton took the lead, with over 50 percent, as Bush stayed in the 30's ml?res=9E0CE0D7133DF93BA25754C0A96495826 0 and Bill Clinton kept that lead consistently, thru the GOP Convention ml?res=9E0CE5DF113FF935A1575BC0A96495826 0& and Bush stayed in the upper 30's and early 40's, where he ended up essentially in the final tally. Now, many times, we look to the post Labor Day polls. Let us look at one ml?res=9E0CE0DC1F3EF936A2575AC0A96495826 0 and

Among 741 registered voters interviewed Wednesday through Sunday, Governor Clinton was the choice of 54 percent and President Bush 38 percent when asked who would get their vote if the election were held now.

The myths that just won’t die

Repeat after me: Ross Perot didn't cost George H.W. Bush the election

AND Another one bites the dust!
If ya can't beat 'em, just shut 'em up! In some 'conservative' (lmao!) circles any support for Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, well, let's face it, anyone but NEWT, will get you GONE!
Well, fact is, there are only two logical candidates left to look at...Paul & Romney! Our friend, says it well below, before he was banished.

"I have been a conservative all my adult life. I supported Goldwater, Reagan, Palin, etc. I have argued here against legalization of drugs. But I am fed up with being lied to by the Republican establishment. I finally came to realize that American military interventionism (except against the Communist empire) had not served our own national security interests. The Pubbie Party has pandered to us for years, then betrayed us with No Child Left Behind, Rx drug entitlements, military backing of "Islamic republics," and the like.

Enough is enough. I am not listening anymore to those who claim Ron Paul is anti-Semitic or anti-American. 19 posted on Fri Jan 13 13:42:43 2012 by hellbender

This account has been banned or suspended.

AND, how 'bout those BAD Marines tinkling on the enemy? Wish they hadn't, Hell! I wish they hadn't been put in the situation to have to kill them! Maybe our kids are tired of being TARGET PRACTICE for Washington DC! Piss on that entire region of the world as far as I'm concerned. Bring our kids HOME!

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