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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The dangers of straying off the Democrat plantation! (Is this really about Amnesty??)

Just ask Herman Cain!

(Hat tip to Travis McGee!)

There is all kinds of speculation out there about just who may be digging the dirt on Herman Cain. One operative not mentioned yet is one Grover Norquist...closley associated with the National Restaurant Association, who has always been on record , along with Newt Gingrich, in support of amnesty and open borders....the opposite postion of Herman Cain.
Mr. Cain has not only strayed from the liberal race baiting line of the democrat party, but has staked out an 'America first' - anti hispandering position. Oh! The horror!

Days ago, Cong. Frank Wolf gives us his opinion of Norquist, who is throwing his usual monkey wrench into current congressional negotiations. The article asks, " Who is this Grover Norquist, anyhow? To hear Representative Frank Wolf tell it, the antitax activist is a questionable character with some “unsavory” connections who has too much influence over the political process."

Keep in mind, Norquist is a big Rick Perry supporter and close associate of Newt Gingrich, another amnesty pusher and former paid lobbyist for Freddie Mac , for those of you who choose to ignore the fact. The unsubstantiated attack on Cain is a reminder of Norquist tactics we've seen before, in his often too successful attempts to keep illegal aliens pouring into the country.

This entire 'scandal' may not be so much about Herman Cain being black or about sexual 'harassment' as it may be about his support to secure our borders and give jobs to AMERICANS!

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