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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ya Gotta Know When to Fold 'em!

"The Survival of Civilization
now depends on the departure of the key players
and the arrival of a few gifted amateurs"

It's time. More than likely, past time.
No more internet. Time to disconnect.
Time for peace and quiet, short lived though it may be.
Every day's a gamble lately.

The point has come where we are merely singing to the choir, never reaching the uninformed, ill advised masses. Until more of us realize that the media is the first line defense of all things wrong in this government, dare to take them on, nothing will change. The internet was going to do has failed. The Tea Party was going to do that, but they're being defined by the media and aligning themselves with the likes of Dick Armey, who will hasten their demise.

But people, instead, spend mindless hours ...years sitting in front of a computer visiting each other's pity pots. We are ruled, on both sides of the isle, by people who care about nothing but themselves, voted in by other selfish louts or those who 'think' they know what they're voting for. ..IF they bother at all.

Often, a nation comes to a point of no return and I feel we are there. The GOP is putting up their 'best' in debate tonight. If this bunch isn't proof the end of this monumental USA experiment is near, I'll never convince you otherwise.

The only one of them who has the fortitude to change our downward course is Ron Paul.
Yeah, I know, I didn't think I would ever say it either. But go ahead, push the latest Rino, or some cult figure, especially those who can't be bothered to show up to debate, who won't do squat except more of the same..... you hard headed, 'don't confuse me with facts' republicans!
The left stopped listening to reason decades ago, what's your excuse?

You continue to allow the media to pick your candidates every 4 years....How's that workin' for ya?? They're holding all the aces, because you allow them. Fox was going to be your savior...Pfft!

None of your candidates, except Ron Paul, can beat Obama. If you all could get your egos out of the way over your wonder 'candidate' long enough, Obama might loose. But you won't, you never have. Paul is the only one with the base and the fight to do it and he's the only one not bought and paid for by Mexico or some other equally offensive entity.
I'm not happy about that conclusion, but that's the way it is.

Rocco, a character in the marvelous movie, "Boon Dock Saints II, All Saints Day" ,
speaks to us as a ghost. I can't say it better.

" Most people are just talkers.
All they got is talk.
But when all's said and
it is the doers who change th
e world.
And when they do that, they
change us.
That's why we never forget
So, which one are you?
Do you
just talk about it?
Or do you stand up
and do something about it?
believe you me all the rest of it is just coffee house bullshit."

TheTownCrier will always cherish the friendships made and your encouragement of this blog.

We miss you, Terry Anderson and *Norm Liebmann

The poor USA...
These are the Rules:
Many are borrowed; it's hard to improve on perfection. I'm pulling a Ghandi here as well.
He once said to judge him by his most recent comments; that he, too, may learn some things
and change his mind on a given subject! I never have mastered the last two.....

  1. Protect the innocent.
  2. Never ask someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.
  3. Leave it like you found it, or make it better.
  4. Keep your promises and pay your bills - on time.
  6. Slavery didn’t happen because people are black or white. Evil isn’t particular about color.
  7. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. Greed is more devastating than poverty.
  10. Your rights stop where my nose starts.
  11. You are only as strong as what you stand next to, that from which you draw your strength.
  12. Youth and strength are no match for old age and treachery.
  13. Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig!!
  14. "It is a bad person that has pity for those that do not deserve it." (added 5/15/07 thanks, AEMILIUS PAULUS)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's the matter, McCain, wrong Indian Tribe??

Headline: McCain wants to stop off-reservation casinos

Phoenix Business Journal

My, my John has been busy doing other things besides insulting AMERICANS! Or has he?

So what?? What is so interesting about this??

As we have documented before, in the article, "Indians, Lobbyists and Arizona Politics...OH MY!", McCain is BIG on Indian Casinos, that is when it's the same Indians filling his campaign coffers.

McCain's history with the Indian Tribes has been an obvious 'follow the money' endeavor, as shown before, " McCain was betting at a casino he oversaw as a member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, and he was doing so with the lobbyist who represents that casino."

Read on from the headline:

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is pushing a federal measure that would stop American Indian tribes from building new casinos outside their historical reservation lands.

A number of tribes in California and New York and the Tohono O'odham Nation in Arizona have plans for new casinos that are not on their reservations. The McCain bill would codify a Bush administration policy against such operations, according to Empire State News.

It's not clear whether the bill would impact the planned O'odham casino on unincorporated land between Glendale and Peoria. A 1986 federal law gives the O'odham Nation the right to buy county land in the Phoenix area to replace some land lost as a result of construction of a dam. McCain sponsored that bill.

However, he opposes the O'odham casino near Westgate City Center and University of Phoenix Stadium.[snip]

But, then, the Indians have a long history of believing the WRONG politicians!

Susan Bradford has a good article about McCain and Indians, including this quote:
McCain has said, “There have been times when I put my personal ambitions before the public interest.” Probably more times than he or anyone else could imagine.

AND still losing!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Direct from Mordor, McCain condemns the Tea Party

"HOBBITS! We HATES THEM! Don't we my precious."
by Kartographer's just McNasty being himself....throwing anyone and anything conservative under the G.O.P bus.
Today it's the Tea Party, tomorrow, who knows, probably the bribed and duped of Arizona who re-elected this old fool for another 6 years of national embarrassment.

And how 'bout McCain's main girl, Sarah Palin? Anyone hear her version of what she thinks of her mentor's latest condemnation? Anyone? I'm sure you all will let me know when she does.

As usual, McCain doesn't know what he's talking about trying to insult good Americans by calling them ' Hobbits '. Well, Senator McCain, the Hobbits were the good guys, and they won.

I'll let one of them explain why, though John McCain will never understand it.

Sam: …By rights we shouldn't even be here.
But we are.
It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo,
the ones that really mattered.
Full of darkness and danger they were.....

How could the world go back to the way it was
when so much bad had happened?
Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turnin' back,
only they didn't. They kept goin',
because they were holdin' on to somethin'.

Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

Sam: That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo,
and it's worth fightin' for.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Yesterday, former Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon died, of old age. May he rest in peace. My sympathy to his family. I keep being told what a great man he was.
At least he didn't stay in the Senate until he had to be rolled in and out, like McCain likely will.... both of these long term rino's are PERFECT arguments for term limits.

Am I the only one who remembers this stuff??

Mark Hatfield gave us the Brady Bill, not to mention other terrible unconstitutional legislation.
...damn the facts, it has an R behind it's name! NOT GOOD ENOUGH ANY MORE!

From The NY Times, 1993
[snip]After days of personal animus and futile backroom dealing,
Republicans backed down without much to show for their efforts. The
bill passed without debate, with only three Senators sitting in a
chamber emptied by the Thanksgiving holiday

As Vice President Al Gore and Mark O. Hatfield, an Oregon Republican
who supported the bill, watched, the two Senate leaders, Bob Dole of
Kansas and George J. Mitchell of Maine, pronounced the measure adopted
by unanimous consent. That is a parliamentary device allowing the
leaders to pass the legislation themselves by voice vote after
ascertaining that no senator would object.

"All of us are happy to have this issue behind us," Mr. Dole said.
"After a long, long, hard fight, Jim Brady has won." 'Thanksgiving

AND AFTER THIS the GOP nominated DOLE to run as their presidential candidate! WAKE UP!



Hat tip to NAFBPO and their m3 Foreign news report....waring VERY graphic...just another day, down Mexico way!



Gallup: Muslim Americans Give Obama 80 Percent Approval, Highest of Major Religions
CNS News ^ | 8/10/11 | Terence P. Jeffrey
Eighty percent of Muslim Americans approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president, according to a newly released survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, a partnership between Gallup and the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi. According to the survey, 65 percent of Jewish Americans approve of the job Obama is doing; 60 percent of atheists, agnostics, and those of no religion approve; 50 percent of Catholics approve; 37 percent of Protestants approve and 25 percent of Mormons approve.[snip]

WOW! ALL you GOP Mormon haters! Looks like the only 'religious' group we conservatives can count on is Mormons! Too bad ol' Mitt isn't more more Mormon and less liberal.


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Saturday, August 06, 2011

NEWS YOU MISSED! It's already law!! Congress MUST balance the budget!

It's already law!! Congress MUST balance the budget!

Yep! Jimmy Carter signed it into law when he joined us up with the IMF in 1978. But, like that FENCE that was passed by LAW to secure the southern border, there is no enforcement mechanism to force any president to obey the laws!

"States - that beginning with fiscal year 1981, the total budget outlays of the Federal Government shall not exceed its receipts."

October 13, 1978

H.R. 9214 ............. Public Law 95-435
An act to amend the Bretton Woods Agreements Act to authorize the United States to participate in the Supplementary Financing Facility of the International
Link Monetary Fund.

From Thomas:Latest Major Action: 10/10/1978 Public Law 95-435.

Federal Law 95-435 passed by the 95th Congress...

Hat tip to radio host Bill Meyer and his guest Matt Bruce of
The Captain's AMERICA Radio Show brought this information to light.

A web observation: "This has been the law of the land for 30 years, ladies and gentlemen. It’s never been repealed. Of course, I’ve got to admit it’s never been obeyed, either. That’s another objection I have to a Balanced Budget Amendment. If the big spenders in Washington won’t obey this law, what makes you think they’ll obey another one that says essentially the same thing?

Washington (CNN) - Two-thirds of Americans don't want to make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens....
A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Sunday indicates that 66 percent of Americans say the U.S. should not make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens, with 33 percent disagreeing.

Forty-two percent of Democrats questioned say the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants should be made easier. That number drops to 33 percent for independents and 16 percent for Republican respondents.

"Virtually all major subgroups oppose making it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens, at least in the abstract ... Specific legislation that puts limits on the ability to gain citizenship has sometimes met with favor in the past if it restricts the number who can apply and penalizes them for staying in the country illegally. But the overall principle remains unpopular."

According to the poll, 52 percent are sympathetic to illegal immigrants and their families, down five points from 2006, with 47 percent unsympathetic, up eight points from four years ago.
The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted March 19-21, with 1,030 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The survey's sampling error is plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.


Mexico extradites flight attendant who set fire on U.S. flight

The Mexican Attorney General's Office said Thursday it extradited a former flight attendant who had fled the United States after his arrest for setting fire to a plane's bathroom.

Eder H. Rojas, a Mexican national, was wanted for extradition by a federal court in North Dakota for setting the fire 35 minutes after the Compass Airlines flight carrying 76 people took off in 2008 from Minneapolis bound for Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Rojas, then 19, another flight attendant and a passenger extinguished the blaze after the fire alarm sounded, but the plane still was forced make an emergency landing in the North Dakota city of Fargo.

After being questioned by FBI agents, Rojas confessed that he was upset with the airline for making him work the Minneapolis-Regina route and that was why he used a lighter to set fire to a packet of toilet paper in the plane's bathroom.[snip]

Top Mexico trafficker claims he was DEA informantLinkLink

(from Reuters, can ya believe it!!) Aug. 6, 2011

A top Mexican drug trafficker awaiting trial in Chicago is claiming that he has immunity from prosecution as he was working all along as a confidential informant for U.S. agents -- allegations the U.S. government denies.

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla is the son of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, the right-hand man of Mexico's most wanted criminal, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman who leads the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

The younger Zambada, who is charged with cocaine and heroin trafficking, is claiming he was an informant for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and was given immunity from prosecution at the top level of government.

One of a slick new generation of Mexican traffickers, dubbed "narco juniors" south of the border, Zambada's extradition was hailed by the Justice Department as one of the most significant in years.

But court documents filed by his lawyers in late July argue that a deal was struck between the DEA and Sinaloa cartel attorney Humberto Loya in 1998, granting Loya and top cartel chiefs immunity for providing information about their rivals.

Zambada claims the agreement was "known and approved" by the Justice Department and cartel leaders and is seeking to have all charges tossed arguing he took over from Loya the role of "primary liaison on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel with the United States government" in 2008.

A snappy dresser far from the brash Mexican cowboy style of his father, Zambada claims to have met with regional directors of the DEA for Latin America and Mexico at a hotel in downtown Mexico City shortly before his arrest where he received guarantees of his immunity from prosecution.

MUST READ! Nafbpo's M3 foreign news report:

Federal appeals court vacates ruling on Hazleton case; Mexico is now without federal prosecutors

August 5, 2011 by M3 Report

Another dismembered woman’s body was abandoned with a narco message. It is presumed she is acquainted with two others also found this way since the three were friends.

A man’s body was dumped in the street near a main shopping center. The head was inside a black plastic bag.

(While this government is more concerned about what goes on in Syria......)


(Cerralvo is about half way between Monterrey and the Texas border.) An armed group came to a home and kidnapped two couples and their five children. The oldest, 10 yrs, said that along with their uncles and cousins, they were taken to a ranch where there were 6 other women and five men he did not know. He said they beat his father and another man, and told them to plug their ears and not watch. Hours later, the children were taken in a series of vehicles and dropped in a shopping mall in Apodaca, where a group of soldiers took them to the Municipal Police. (It is unusual that they let the children live and released them.) The report states the photo of the children is being released in hopes of locating some family. There has been no sign of the parents or other family taken.

Border town head cop: Mexican police tried to kill me

Mexican Trafficker: I Got Help from Cops
(Ordered at least 1,500 murders)

115 illegal immigrants found in Hidalgo County stash houses

(We’re told the border is secure, but these keep being found.)

Reports: Body dragged from Mexico

Documents: Feds allegedly allowed Sinaloa cartel to move cocaine into U.S. for information

Federal appeals court vacates ruling on Hazleton case

Justice Dept. Accused of Giving Immunity to Mexican Drug Cartel Leader

More than 2,000 plants found in SE Portland pot raids

(Operated by illegals = Detectives arrested two Chinese nationals, 45-year-old De Bin Zhen and 51-year-old Fujiu Chen at their homes in Southeast Portland. In all, around 2,000 plants were found at an estimated street value of $2 mllion.)


Border Agents Charged for Allegedly Feeding Drug Smugglers Their Own Marijuana


"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." Atlas Shrugged, ©1957, by Ayn Rand

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"The Mendocino National Forest is under attack by drug traffickers"

Those could be the words of just about any rural county Sheriff in California. It wouldn't be the first time we heard it.

The proliferation of such growing operations is destroying ecosystems and scaring hikers away, an official says.

Melinda Haag, U.S. attorney for Northern California, also stated, "Visitors to the forest are increasingly intimidated by the prospect of armed drug traffickers and illegal cultivation sites. ....I've warned people who come up here during the summer to be careful when they go hiking."

More than 460,000 pot plants were destroyed and 101 people arrested in the raids in and around the Mendocino National Forest.
The latest effort, dubbed Operation Full Court Press, targeted 56 growing sites. Authorities seized 27 guns and 11 vehicles, Haag said.

The operation also confiscated fertilizers, chemical pesticides and rat poison. With the aid of the U.S. Forest Service, 23 tons of trash and 22 miles of irrigation pipe were removed; 13 man-made dams remain to be dismantled.

These aren't your 'garden variety' hippie growing a few plants for their personal satisfaction. They are operated by Mexican drug cartels aided by the illegal alien invasion. And they are armed, more than likely, by our own scandalous Department of Justice's Fast and Furious Mexican cartel gun running.

More News today on this!

Southern Utah, mostly its public lands, is plagued with Mexican nationals setting up outdoor marijuana growing operations.

A federal magistrate set an Oct. 11 trial date for 21 defendants who police say were involved in a large marijuana growing operation near St. George.

All but one of the suspects arraigned Monday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City are Mexican nationals, said Paul Kohler, an assistant U.S. attorney.

The 21st defendant is a legal permanent resident and has a detention hearing set for Wednesday. (OUR LEGAL immigration system is just as broken!!...this one was probably allowed in on an 'agricultural visa!)

Sue Thomas, a supervisory special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Salt Lake City, said the suspects are hired and paid by Mexican drug trafficking organizations and thus are "part of them." She said all of the large-scale operations federal authorities have seen in southern Utah the past two years have been controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations. [snip]

The Cartels control Oregon too!

Douglas County woods carry large marijuana grows

Area residents urged to be cautious when out in the wilderness, especially in summer
A wooden board studded with nails is just one example of a trap recovered by Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team members in Douglas County this year. The board is intended to keep trespassers out of marijuana-growing operations in remote areas.

And every County!

When recreating in the Northwest outdoors, beware of illegal marijuana growing

Published: Monday, July 25, 2011
Mexican-backed drug trafficking organizations, according to a Bureau of Land Management law officer, have been a public menace for a number of years, primarily by illegally growing and defending patches of marijuana.

The problem originated in California but has spread throughout the West.

Already this year, law enforcement has raided an illegal plantation of 91,000 marijuana plants in a rugged part of Wallowa County in northeast Oregon. Six men were arrested in the raid.

Last year, 39,000 marijuana plants were eradicated from public lands in the state and Oregon recorded its first shooting at a grow site on BLM land. The incident resulted in the death of one suspect, a Mexican national, in southern Oregon's Jackson County.

Closer to Portland, the U.S. Forest Service reported that 20,000 marijuana plants were removed two years ago in a joint operation on Mount Adams Ranger District and Yakama Nation lands.

Three years ago, 6,200 plants were removed from the Dufur Ranger District of the Mount Hood National Forest.

But those who wander off trail, such as hunters or mushroom pickers, have a greater chance to encounter illegal grow patches.

Marijuana grow operations occur even in desert canyons of southeast Oregon, provided a water source can be diverted to the site.[snip]

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