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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stuff and news you missed!


First Muslim in Congress (Keith Ellison) breaks into tears during radicalization hearing

Poor mistreated Muslims, they just can't take any scrutiny without sobbing!
Tell ya what....Let's have a hearing on the Tea Party....because THEY can take the scrutiny...Not ONE instance of violence or racial BS by the Tea Party, NOT ONE!

Check this out...they released this guy with a ticket! Good ol' sanctuary city of Medford! Not only do we have to pay for a Spanish interpreter, but a signer as well! Do ya think he'll show up for court????LOL!

Flashing suspect arrested near elementary school
March 09, 2011 5:50 PM
Whitney Clark/KTVL News

MEDFORD, Ore. -- A man was arrested Wednesday afternoon for exposing his genitals, just steps away from Washington Elementary in Medford.

Police caught the suspected flasher, 19-year-old Sergio Cortes Gomez, on his bike. They recieved calls from parents of the school, who said he was exposing himself in an alleyway.

Although it didn't take long for police to track him down, they had problems communicating with him.

"It appears that he's deaf," said Sgt. Phil Eastman with the Medford Police Department.

Gomez was handcuffed outside of the Peach Street Market & Deli, on the corner of Peach street and 13th Street.

"It's disappointing," said Leslie McKenzie, who was working at the market when Gomez was arrested. "I would think people could behave themselves around children. But unfortunately that's just not the case."

Police said Gomez lives in the neighborhood where he was arrested. McKenzie said he often comes into the store.

"He wears a hearing aid," she said. "He doesn't speak English at all, only speaks Spanish but does best with sign language."

Gomez was issued a citation and was released. He will soon have to appear in court.

"We take this very seriously," said Sgt. Eastman. "Especially when it's in front of an elementary school." (STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!)

Headline: Affidavit: Texas girl's assault recorded on cell phones (20 people rape 11 year old)

Here are some of the perps:

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