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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oregon Sheriff warns Public land off limits to Citizens

Mexican drug cartels, armed and dangerous, have occupied so much land in So. Oregon and No. California that the local citizenry is warned to stay out for their own safety.

Hunters warned to look for signs of pot grows, avoid confrontations

If you find an illegal pot grow, you should 'leave,' 'consider yourself lucky'
September 25, 2010- Medford, Oregon

[snip]Deer hunters will be taking to the woods en masse next weekend during the middle of the marijuana harvest season, and police are warning hunters to steer clear of any suspected gardens for their own safety.

Already this season, two bowhunters have reported confrontations with armed guards from suspected marijuana gardens on public land in southern Jackson County, which law enforcement officials say has become a growing area for Mexican drug cartels. Hunters who stumble upon features such as irrigation pipes, manually widened game trails, garbage piles or even the smell of cooking tortillas should steer clear and avoid confrontations that could prove dangerous.

"You need to turn around and leave and consider yourself lucky," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said. "If you push the issue, you might get yourself in a situation you'll regret."

Hunters or anyone who believe they have stumbled upon a marijuana garden are urged to take notice of their location and leave quickly by retracing their steps.

Oregon Hunters Association has offered a reward of up to $200 for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of people responsible for marijuana gardens or other damage to public lands.

More than 180,000 hunters are expected to take to the woods. About half of Oregon is public land, with the vast majority of it federally owned.

OSP Lt. Darin Lux said Mexican drug cartels have taken advantage of good growing conditions and water availability on federal lands in Southern Oregon and Northern California to cultivate large marijuana plantations, with a definite increase in activity the past three years.

"There's a lot of profit, and it brings a greater need to protect that profit," Lux said. "That's when the arms come in."

Medford police Lt. Tim Doney, a member of the MADGE team, said the confrontations between bowhunters and suspected garden guards occurred during the start of the bowhunting season in late August and the first week of September.

In one case, a bowhunter told MADGE detectives he heard gunshots strike a tree just above his head, and then he was confronted by a man carrying an assault-type rifle who told him to leave, Doney said.

MADGE received a secondhand report of a similar confrontation in the same area.

Two Jackson County SWAT team members shot and killed a man Aug. 11 at a marijuana growing operation deep in the woods. A Jackson County Grand Jury ruled the shooting was justified.

Winters said authorities so far have pulled about 125,000 plants from 30 different gardens throughout a seven-county area of Southern Oregon and Northern California this year.

In these cases, police have noticed that game trails were widened near the gardens and that PVC piping was used to irrigate the plants, Winters said.

Some signs of nearby gardens included walls of cut brush on trails, the pungent smell of marijuana, piles of garbage and piping. Because the caretakers often live at the garden sites, the smell of cooking could be a warning sign.

"There's no way to know until you're almost into one of these, so there's no preventative way to act," Winters said.


More smoke and mirrors by the GOP

The new 'Pledge' has NOTHING to fix the immigration problem or enforce the LAW.
Tea Party people......Are you going to let the established GOP keep screwing us or are you going to shed these open border hack leaders like Armey, Whitman, McCain and the out of touch fools who designed this phony 'Pledge'????
You ALL despise the democrats when they pull this shady stuff, when will you STOP defending the GOP for doing the same???
Some of the GOP are hijacking the Tea Party movement, which will destroy it. Most of them don't like you any better than the democrats do! You are being USED!

House Republicans Pledge to ‘Establish Operational Control of Border,’ But Say Nothing about Border Fence, Worksite Enforcement or Amnesty
Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Republicans in the U.S. House of Representative released “A Pledge to America” today, laying out agenda items they plan to pursue if they take control of Congress, that commits the party to “establishing operational control of the border” but makes no mention of border fencing, enforcing immigration laws at the worksites of employers who hire illegal aliens or whether the party under any circumstances would grant any form of amnesty to foreign nationals currently living in the United States illegally.

By contrast, the 2008 Republican Platform, approved by the delegates at the 2008 Republican National Convention, committed the Republican Party to completing a border fence, enforcing immigration laws at the worksite and opposing an amnesty.



It's not just pandering politicians you need to purge, it's the leaders of your so called 'Christian' churches like the Catholics, Mormons and Lutherans who aid and abet the illegality of immigration that you need to deal with!

Illegal alien convicted of raping his foster mom in Virginia

(Understand this....the CHURCH set up foster care for an 18 year old ILLEGAL alien gangbanger! THEY broke the law!)

Arturo Lopez Photo: Henrico County Police Dept.

On Wednesday, Arturo Lopez, 18, was convicted of abducting and raping his foster mother in Henrico County, last April. She testified that she mentioned concerns to church people and Lutheran Family Services, which had placed Lopez with the family.[snips]—ar-521671/

Doctrinal divide confronts Mormons on immigration

By Jeremiah Stettler The Salt Lake Tribune

[snips]Here in Utah, the push toward tougher immigration laws has become increasingly tangled in Mormon doctrine as divided Latter-day Saints defend their politics by pointing to conflicting interpretations of what Jesus would do. But other Mormons see it differently and point to doctrine to back it up.

Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, maintains the arguments against tougher immigration laws overlook several key Christian tenets — precepts that came off of Mount Sinai with Moses. Thou shalt not bear false witness (to get a job or government services). Thou shalt not steal (people’s identities). Thou shalt not covet (thy neighbor’s home or job or country).

They touch on holy writ’s repeated call for honesty (“Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just ... think on these things,” Philippians 4:8 teaches), on the importance of justice (“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,” Galatians 6:7 admonishes) and on the LDS instruction to abide civil law (“We believe that governments were instituted of God for the benefit of man; and that he holds men accountable for their acts in relation to them,” Doctrine and Covenants 134:1 states).

Herrod says his position also has been shaped, in part, by a doctrine found in Acts 10 and Romans 2: “God is no respecter of persons.” In other words, God doesn’t pick favorites. Would it really make sense, Herrod asks, for God to “reward those willing to break the law over those who are willing to stand in line and do the right thing?”

“We are actually discriminating against ten of millions of people around the world who are trying to get to the country legally,” he says. “They are following the law.....I can’t, in my wildest dreams, believe that the church would come out and say illegal immigration is OK,” he says. “That would completely violate all the basic doctrines of the church.”

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