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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Janeane Garofalo , have I got a date for you!!

Headline: Garofalo: Tea Partiers Are Racists

"Janeane Garofalo says this is all about hatred for a black president. My question is what has she done for black people? Has she donated to the United Negro College Fund, hired a black maid over an illegal? Aside from talk, what the hell has she done?" (Bob Parks, from his column "Black & Right)

Janeane, meet Michael Niehaus, a formerly unknown local useful idiot, who showed up to be interviewed at the Medford, Oregon 'TEA Party' on April 15th.

"But others didn't keep their cool when the opposition was in sight.
Michael Niehaus says [he] is the opposition. He says, "It seems like the Republican Party is just [beating] their fists. They're just so mad about a president of color and it's tough for the blue-eyes to handle that. They're just mad."

First, Mr. Niehaus, the TEA Parties had nothing to do with the GOP. There are too many dupes, like you, who call them selves republicans and most of us have as much problem with them as we do Obama. Corruption and mismanagement doesn't care about color.

Secondly, Ms. Garofalo, your argument is hallow because WHITES elected Barak Obama!
"Of Obama's voters, more than 60 percent were white and 20 percent were Black, according to Edison/Mitofsky exit-poll information. Latinos made up 11 percent of votes for Obama."

From Berkley.....Obama's race not a factor in election, say economists
Despite pre-election handwringing by reporters, pundits and others about whether white voters could or would cast their ballots to make an African American candidate the country's commander-in-chief, "the average guy in the street didn't really agree with that," said Moretti. "The winning performance of Obama wasn't associated with racial attitude in America."

A native of Italy, Moretti said he is curious about American media and politics and the historic 2008 presidential race, in particular. "What I found remarkable throughout the campaign was that although the media were very focused on trying to find a racial angle, the campaigns themselves and the American people weren't very focused on the racial aspect," he said.

If we are to believe your infamous rants about 'white hate' for blacks, what shall we base it on besides your imagination? How about Dept. of Justice statistics?

FACTS!!! They sure do get it the way!
Take a look at the line for white on black crime at the bottom of the following chart.
Also, note the other charts at the link........during republican administrations, black crime
went down and went up under democrats!

White on black crime is nearly zero, but nearly 20% for black on white!
Now, Janene & Michael , who are the racists? I don't know if you are a're just stupid...dangerously stupid!

In 2005, offending rates for blacks were more than 7 times higher than the rates for whites

Homicides are more likely to cross racial lines than those that involve friends or acquaintances

For homicides committed by --

  • a friend or acquaintance of the victim, less than one-tenth (8%) were interracial
  • a stranger to the victim, one-quarter were interracial

To view data, click on the chart.

Race of Offender and Victim by relationship[D]

Michael, what shall we do with those 'BLUE EYES'? Off to your gulag, perhaps? Will you take me and all my relations? How about my brown eyed grandchildren and mother? How about my blue eyed Irish greatgrandfather who fought for the Union? And his cousin who died fighting beside him? Perhaps you'll lock up my Cherokee great grandfather who owned slaves?? Will he be forgiven because he had BROWN eyes?

You and Janeane can have your first date trying to sort us out. It's difficult, because what you have not learned is that Americans come in ALL colors. And so do dishonest bigots like you.

there white racists? YES!! Guess what Garofalo, We ARE human, TOO! The good, the bad and the're proof of two of those three!

'Supremacists' exist, in ALL RACES, and they were soundly denounced when they showed up at the TEA Parties. How about you two? When will you denounce racism instead of using it as a political club to silence Americans of ALL races?
"During the speeches, the crowd booed when it was announced that white supremacists were passing out literature at the rally." Medford, Oregon April 15

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