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Illegal immigration is simply 'share the wealth’ socialism and a CRIME not a race!


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Monday, February 09, 2009

Borrowing our way to prosperity? Impossible!

For the biggest part of a quarter century I worked in retail commercial credit. From consumer advocacy to repossession, I saw it all. When companies in trouble would call for consultation I often told them a little story. Too often common sense had been lost to their 'new business models'.
A trucker planned to buy watermelons in Texas for $1.00, haul them to New York and resell them for $1.00. After a few months, he realized he wasn't making any money. So...he took out a loan and bought a bigger truck!
This is exactly what the democrat/Obama 'stimulus' plan is. We got in this mess by spending more than we had coming in, by loaning money to people who wouldn't/couldn't pay it back. And what is their answer? Borrow a couple trillion dollars so we can do it some more!

A 5 year old can do this math, people!

"I place economy among the first and most important of republic virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared." -Thomas Jefferson to William Plumer, 1816


NOW for a little history....for the next time some liberal
blames this mess all on the republicans.

Republican Congress 1995 - 2006: $1.8 trillion dollar budget deficit.

Democratic Congress 2007 - 2009: $3 trillion plus dollar budget deficit.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Craig Ferguson nails it!


MAJOR AWARD!........ to one late night comedian. New American citizen Craig Ferguson of CBS's Late Late Show was discussing Obama coming down on Corporate executives.

“Finally some accountability in Washington.....But I’m thinkin’ if they’re going to introduce accountability, shouldn’t Obama start with making his own people pay their taxes?

WHAT is going on??

These people he’s picking for the cabinet... they’ve all gone to the Willie Nelson school of taxes......
Step one.....roll a joint
Step two....forget about your taxes!

Craig Ferguson Feb. 4, 2009

He went on with a skit about our ‘foot in mouth’ VP, Joe (Stand up Chuck!) Biden. Maybe some of our homegrown comedian enablers will get the message...finally!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why stay here if your homeland is so darn special?

arlos Mencia, on his Comedy Central TV show, remarked to several Mexican-Americans in his audience that if Mexico was so 'wonderful', why did they leave.....and he added that they should leave Mexico in Mexico, not bring it here. He tried, and failed, to get one of them to just say it...."Mexico Sucks!"

Meet BAKER,MICHAEL MCKENZIE Jackson County, Oregon inmate, being held on a million dollars bail for armed robbery. No, he doesn't appear to be an illegal alien, though there are 40,000 Irish aliens in the USA illegally demanding amnesty. But he sure isn't an American. And nothing like my Irish ancestors who came in the 1700's and helped build this country.

I hate to tell you this, Mike....Mick....whatever, Tattoos are not part of Irish culture either......

Latino illegal alien member of MS-13

By the numbers

More than 1 million people became citizens in 2008, with 780,000 taking the oath of allegiance in the first 10 months, according to preliminary figures from the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2007, 660,477 people were granted U.S. citizenship.

Leading countries of birth of new citizens were:

Mexico (122,258), India (46,871), Philippines (38,830), China (33,134) and Vietnam (27,921)

Largest number of people naturalizing lived in:

California (181,684), New York (73,676) and Florida (54,563).

SOURCE: Office of Immigration Statistics, Department of Homeland Security