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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The State of Franklin and this pathetic primary

Some years ago while researching genealogy I found birth records of two ancestors who were born in the State of Franklin.

Say what?

Must be a misprint.... so I searched further, and there it was..... an historical fact. The State of Franklin, the 14th state existed four years within three counties of North Carolina in what is now included in the state of Tennessee. In fact those settlers, my ancestors were taking the land by force from some of my other ancestors.......Another story, another day....

The State organized in 1784 , had a governor, John Sevier and a constitution that guaranteed religious freedom, and required that routine legislation be submitted to the citizens for debate and approval.

Lawyers, ministers, and doctors, were excluded from public office in their constitution. Lawyers were correctly felt to already be involved in the judicial branch of the government. The other two occupations generally held positions of influence in the community and were seen as possibly conflicting of the general interest. They already had a responsibility to serve the community as well.

Because of continuing land disputes and finally agreement and inclusion within the State of North Carolina, the State of Franklin did not survive.

Oh, my! What a difference our government might be under such a guideline. I'm not even saying I'm sure I'd vote for such an idea, but still, it's titillating to contemplate. We would lose over half the members of congress.

That's got to be an improvement! If those folks of 1784 were around today, I'm sure they'd add lobbyists to the exemption list.

In the current presidential race, only Romney and McCain would qualify to run. At least we wouldn't have to see any of the Rudy, Ron Paul, drop dead Fred, Huckabee and The Hillary/Obama/Edwards show. Real people might even get a chance to run for office instead of every bureaucracy being stuffed full of ivy league barristers.

Nah, only in our dreams..........
....... and in history.

Thompson endorsed McCain before:

-—KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) — Sen. John McCain’s bid for the Republican 2000 presidential nomination got a boost Wednesday when he was endorsed by fellow Sen. Fred Thompson, who joined McCain’s campaign as national co-chairman.

“When it comes to personal courage and integrity and the courage to do what he thinks is right, regardless of whether or not it’s particularly popular at the moment, John McCain has shown characteristics of leadership like no one else I’ve ever seen,” Thompson said at a press conference.


Contrary to popular rumors, Duncan Hunter HAS NOT endorsed any other candidate for President!
Hear him on Neil Cavuto yesterday!

After the Race

Rep. Duncan Hunter's first television interview since withdrawing from 2008 race


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