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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike Cutler warns of stealth Amnesty!

Hi Gang:
I generally forward articles to you with my commentaries.
This evening I have attached a link to "NUMBERS USA."
I urge you to go to that website and read what they have to say about the pending legislative measures being planned by the United States Senate this week and act accordingly. Simply stated, the Senate is poised to vote for three provisions that would be disastrous for us. These provisions would provide in-state tuition for illegal aliens, a benefit that our United States citizen and lawfully admitted resident alien college kids do not have! This is the equivalent of paying for your neighbor's kids to go to college while making your own children work their way through college!
Additionally, the other two measures would expand the number of guest worker visas that would be provided to agriculture workers and high-tech workers. The madness behind these guest worker visa increases needs to be considered carefully. First of all, at present, it is estimated that approximately 40% of the illegal aliens who are currently present in the United States did not run our nation's borders but rather entered the United States as temporary (nonimmigrant) visitors and then failed to depart the United States when they were supposed to. Additionally they accepted employment for which they were legally ineligible.
In this regard it is essential to remember that the terrorists who attacked our nation on September 11, 2001 were all admitted into the United States and then, having been admitted via the inspections process, they managed to embed themselves in our country and hide in plain sight.
On May 11, 2006 I testified at a hearing conducted by House Committee on International Relations, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations at a hearing entitled, "VISA OVERSTAYS: CAN WE BAR THE TERRORIST DOOR?"
Additionally, on September 1, 2006 I was called to testify before a field hearing convened by the House Judiciary Committee that was considering the potential ramifications of the Senate alien amnesty bill. I would ask you to consider a portion of my testimony from that hearing:

"A notable example of such a terrorist can be found in a review of the facts concerning Mahmud Abouhalima, a citizen of Egypt who entered the United States on a tourist visa, overstayed his authorized period of admission and then applied for amnesty under the agricultural worker provisions of IRCA. He succeeded in obtaining resident alien status through this process. During a 5 year period he drove a cab and had his license suspended numerous times for violations of law and ultimately demonstrated his appreciation for our nation’s generosity by participating in the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 that left 6 people dead, hundreds of people injured and an estimated one half billion dollars in damage inflicted, on that iconic, ill-fated complex. America had opened its doors to him so that he might participate in the “American Dream.” He turned that dream into our worst nightmare. The other terrorists who attacked our nation on subsequent attacks, including the attacks of September 11, 2001, similarly exploited our generosity, seeing in our nation’s kindness, weakness, gaming the immigration system to enter our country and then, hide in plain sight, among us."

Not only was Mahmud Abouhalima a terrorist, he never did work on a farm either! The entire agriculture program that became an integral part of the 1986 Amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens was absolutely loaded with fraud.

I would also ask you consider the impact that the importation of many thousands of high-tech workers have on the salaries and job security for many Americans who will now have to compete with foreign workers for the jobs that many of them have held for years.
The issue of foreign workers is one that provided Jack Abramoff with his initial employment in the lucrative lobbying "industry." He started out by working for William Gates, Sr., as a lobbyist seeking to increase the number of foreign computer programmers. Mr. Abramoff, as I am sure you know, is currently the guest of the federal government, getting free room and board for his crooked conduct.
Cheap and compliant labor was the reason our nation used slave labor more than 150 years ago. Our corporations are still seeking a limitless supply of cheap and compliant labor. In order to achieve this goal, they have taken to employing two tactics: They move their operations overseas to countries, like China, where they don't have to deal with the pesky EPA, OSHA and Labor Departments and they also seek to employ illegal aliens or aliens who are lawfully admitted to work for them for wages that are significantly lower than the prevailing wages they are currently paying their American and resident alien employees.
Of course, these companies cannot overtly indicate that they are going to pay substandard wages to these temporary alien employees so they find ways justify hiring the temporary alien workers, often with the assistance of their attorneys.
An additional problem is the fact that even after the reported expenditure of more than one billion dollars, US VISIT is still unable to determine if aliens who are admitted for a temporary period ever depart the United States. This, even though this departure component of US VISIT was highly recommended for implementation by the 911 Commission.
Additionally, there are only a few thousand special agents at ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to carry out the vital missions of that beleaguered agency. There is no way that there are adequate resources to police the current temporary worker programs today, how would our government deal with having many more such "temporary" workers enter our country? Who would make certain that these aliens work at the jobs they are being admitted to do? How would we know if they left the United States when they are supposed to?
Aliens currently play a game of "Hide and Seek" with the agents who are charged with enforcing the immigration laws. This game should be more aptly call "Aliens Hide and We Don't Seek!"
Now the Senate is poised to pass the provisions of the Amnesty Bill that they called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" that I referred to as the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007."
The Senate is now operating in "stealth" mode, having felt the wrath of the thousands of Americans who made so many phone calls on the day that the Senate voted on that previous immigration bill. They are attempting to slide the provisions past us by adding the various measures that the original bill called for in a piece-meal fashion. Each time these senators and other politicians do this, we must do two things.
First of all, we must get to the telephones, once again and have our voices heard.
Next: you must take note of the position that your senator and member of Congress takes on these issues. Anyone who votes for these outrageous bills should find himself on the unemployment line the next time he (she) comes up for reelection! We should do for these politicians what they are doing for We the People! On the other hand, those courageous politicians who vote down these bills should get our full support, including campaign contributions!
If your senator or member of the House of Representatives is willing to sell out Americans who have to work for a living to support their families, then we should treat them no better! What makes this an easy task is the simple fact that the NUMBERS USA website I provided you with a link for at the outset of this commentary, provides a "Report Card" so that you can easily check our your elected representatives. All it would take is a couple of minutes of your time.
I ask that you make the phone calls, keep track of your representatives in both houses and please forward this to as many other Americans as you can. We the People have been lax in supervising our employees, the politicians! This must stop now!
Democracy is not a spectator sport!
Lead, follow or get out of the way!


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