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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Put the Iraqi's on the Southern Border!


A subject has been popping up with more frequency lately. CBS 60 minutes just repeated a segment and it's sure to become a political sore spot. There's something here for everyone from immigration activists to anti-war warriors.

Millions of USA friendly Iraqis are refugees and long and wide lines are waiting at the Syrian border to get in.

It seems the US Government hired up to 100,000 translators and such who volunteered from the local populations of Iraq. Some were injured and left. Some threatened by insurgents. Some killed by insurgents. Most are in refugee camps in Syria. Some to Jordan. They will die if they stay in Iraq. Their families are targets.

I suppose we pay the Syrian government to tolerate this, but the 'aid' isn't getting to the vicim in any case.

The State Dept. told one man, too bad, so sad,' you knew what you were getting into when you signed on with us.' Only one hundred Iraqi refugees like this have been resettled in the states, while visas were given to thousands of Saudi students along with dozens of other asylum/visa programs. State says they'll bring 2 to 3 thousand more this year. These things take time, you know. Vetting and all that.

Now curiously, these folks all speak ENGLISH and they've all been VETTED.
Obviously, this administration has no intention of getting around to trying to save them all.

One has to wonder why.

When Saigon fell, Pres. Ford ordered that the VietNamese who had served in such capacities be resettled in the states. 131,000 were successfully resettled within 6 (SIX ) months.

Nice message being sent to our allies around the world, don't you think? This is the thanks you'll get when you sign on with the USA. Perhaps our good Mexican neighbors would consider keeping the 5 to 10 thousand absconders who illegally cross our borders every day at home for a week so we can save the lives of people who have befriended us. Doubtful, you think?

But in an age where sovereignty, real fair trade, and language and borders and laws mean little, I suppose 'friendship' has lost it's value as well.

Well, fine then, let's make a deal.

Tell the Iraqi's if they want to come stateside they'll spend one year living in barracks on the Southern Border. Their families will be in some of the closed down military facilities for that year. If you all have been nice, at that time you will gain citizenship with other certain logical/lawful requirements met. You and your family have had a year to get used to us. Then you're on your own.

Let 'em know the more aliens they keep from crossing the border, the more Iraqi's get to come. OTMS (Other than Mexican) from terrorist states count double. They're bright people with linguistic skills, they'll pick up enough Spanish in 3 weeks to do the job.
Iraqi Translators Feel Left Behind


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