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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Illegal Aliens good business for Hookers!

We've all wondered who makes up tiny percentage of illegal alien/open border supporters besides the obvious corrupt politicians and race baiting 'non-profits' like LaRaza. Hookers!! Who knew!?? LOL

8 busted in Peekskill, accused of soliciting sex from undercover troopers

THE JOURNAL NEWS July 19, 2007

PEEKSKILL - Be careful about soliciting a prostitute in Peekskill. She may be a cop.

Police have received several complaints from residents of the 300 block of Highland Avenue about prostitutes working their block.

So on Tuesday night, undercover troopers with the New York State Police posed as prostitutes on Highland Avenue.

Eight men who approached the women for sex were charged with patronizing a prostitute, a misdemeanor. Several of them had their vehicles impounded because they were using them in the commission of a crime, police said.

Charged were: Angel Sacasari, 40; Juan Rojas, 31; Carlos Lituma, 29; Edwin Morales, 26; Luis Morocho, 30; Javier Ortez-Soto, 19; Manuel Romero, 46; and Luis Lucero, 29.

In addition, police said they will be notifying federal immigration officials because it appears that the majority of those arrested are undocumented immigrants from Central or South America.


As someone wiser than me said,

"It's amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit."


In hearings this week Sen. Diane Fienstien said of the prosecution of border agents Ramos and compean, "I agree with Mr. Hunter!"

Yes, OUR DUNCAN Hunter who has said the sentences brought about by Johnny Sutton and our 'justice' department were harsher than for murder! This for shooting a cartel member illegal alien in the butt!



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