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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"We are a nation of Immigrants!"-- Not so fast!

We hear it every day from the media and the presidential candidates.

"We are a nation of immigrants!"

Translation, "There is no need to secure our borders - I want my cheap labor and I don't care what it costs my fellow citizens!"

Don't hold your breath for that statement of reality!

It is true the USA allows more legal immigration than all other countries combined. Yes, we are the most welcoming nation on earth. And like a hostess who cooks and cleans for a week only to have her nare-do-well relatives show up, eat like pigs, trash the place, belch and leave without lifting a hand to help and asking for a bag of food to go, the USA needs to pull up her welcome mat.

In 1990 the foreign born population
in the USA was 7.9%. Which meant 92.1 % of the country was NOT a nation of immigrants.

1860 through 1930 were the greatest percentages of foreign born until now, another time in our history where we allowed mass immigration, until it got out of hand and a stop was put to it. In fact, during the 1860's volumes of immigrants were allowed in to fight the civil war for the Union. Of the total Black population of 4,880,009 in 1870, 9,645, or only 0.2 percent, were foreign-born.

The largest percentage of foreign born , 14.8% was recorded in the 1890 census, when we had a lot more room and resources to support them and when migrants were not dependent on the taxpayer and provided translators. Yet somehow, they made it.

The period of time, which happens also to be the time of our current US residents experience, with the least foreign born population was 1950 to 1990, averaging about 6.2% foreign born.
Amazing, isn't it, how prosperous we became in that period without mass immigration.

Equally amazing is the claim by open border advocates that this nation cannot survive economically without the millions per year now coming in both legal and illegal. A silly claim disproven by the conditions those same foreign nationals left their respective 3rd world countries in.

In 1990 there were 7,350,512 foreign born who spoke Spanish instead of English at home, half of all foreign language homes in the USA. That same year the census counted 3 1/2 million foreign born over age 65. Now, there's a work force for ya! 450,000 of them were over age 85!

Regarding citizenship of the foreign born population, that has shown a trend of not bothering with becoming a US citizen by immigrants. In 1950, 20% were not citizens. By 1990, about 60% of the foreign born living here were not citizens, usually maintaining loyalty only to their homelands.

As a percentage of the total population, the foreign-born population increased from 4.7 percent in 1970 to 6.2 percent in 1980, to 7.9 percent in 1990, and to an estimated 9.7 percent in 1997. In 2004 The nation's foreign-born population is estimated to be 33.5 million, with slightly more than half from Latin America, 25 percent from Asia, 14 percent from Europe, and the remainder from other regions and twelve percent of U.S. population is foreign born in 2004. You can see where this trend is heading.

In Miami-Dade County,
Florida, more than half the residents were born in another country, the highest rate reported for the 2000 census for any county in the country. There were 33-million foreign-born residents in the United States, the Census Bureau reports, a 44 percent increase since 1990.

In 2002, nearly 20 percent of children in the U.S. or 14 million children, had at least one foreign-born parent.

A nation of immigrants? That's where we're headed if the trend isn't checked as our leaders were wise enough to do in the past. Unlike other times, however, we can't even get them to say "illegal aliens" or stop the flow. Instead they want more in the new "Strive Act". Don't fall for it!


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