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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OUTRAGE of the DAY! US CITIZENS attacked by alien supporters!

Must see video of this! You won't see it on the news! Thank you YOUTUBE, you ARE the new Media!

Anti-Illegal Immigration Speakers Attacked on Boston Common

A small group of activists crossing the country speaking against illegal immigration, were chased out of Boston by a group of Spanish speaking immigrants Saturday while attempting to deliver a speech on Boston Common. The six “Paul Revere Riders” are traveling by motorcycle to the capital of all 48 contiguous states, speaking on the need for America to protect its own borders and the negative economic impact of illegal immigration on this country. ....[snip]

This forum poster sums it up: " A taste of things to come. Latino immigrants are bringing their form of political discourse -- corruption, intimidation & violence -- to the United States. Respect for the rule of law is an Anglo-Saxon value that most other cultures cannot understand"

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