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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sheriff of LosAngeles flat out lies in Congressional field hearing on Immigration



(San Diego) Sheriff Lee Baca of Los Angeles testifed in a field hearing before a congressional committee on Wednesday that if we deported illegal aliens we would pay 2 to 3 times more for everything than we do now and that we only have the wonderful way of life we have because of illegal aliens. He needs to retract his testimony.

Okay, Sheriff, let's make this real simple.

Let's say Mr. Illegal Alien earns $5.00 an hour picking lettuce. Let's say he picks 200 heads per hour. (Not much of a lettuce picker, but let's just say)

That's a labor cost of 2 1/2 cents per head of lettuce.

Alien has to go home. We have to American at twice the price, $10.00 per hour. NOW, it costs, in labor, 5 CENTS per head!

The labor cost DOUBLED! Instead of a $1.00 for a head of lettuce, I'm going to have to pay 2 1/ 2 Cents more!

That's a 2 1/2% increase, not double, not triple.

At a dozen heads a year, that 30 cents is gonna bankrupt us all!

Don't pick at the example, you get the point, prices are NOT going to double, our cost of living is NOT going to be destroyed by a loss of illegal aliens, but your jail and hospitals and schools and city just might be saved. I'll be glad to pay my 2.5 cents to help you out.

Do the math:
At $5.00 an hour, picking 200 heads of lettuce per hour, each head has labor cost of 2.5 cents

$5.00 an hour x 2 = $10.00

2.5 cents x 2= 5 cents , each head goes up 2 1/2 cents.


Contact the Sheriff here:

Trackback facts:

"Nothing is more expensive than cheap labor," professor Vernon Briggs, labor economist Cornell University in New York, told state House and Senate members assigned to a joint committee to consider how illegal workers are impacting Oklahoma's labor market.

JOBS AMERICAN CITIZENS WON'T DO? According the the Pew Hispanic center, and data from 2005 census reports, the largest percentage of those jobs are done by US CITIZENS.

About 7.2 million unauthorized migrants were employed in March 2005, accounting for about 4.9% of the civilian labor force. They made up a large share of all workers in a few more detailed occupational categories, including 24% of all workers employed in farming occupations, 17% in cleaning, 14% in construction and 12% in food preparation.

Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics
The report estimates the number of persons living in families in which the head of the household or the spouse is an unauthorized migrant--13.9 million as of March 2004, including 4.7 million children. Of those individuals, some 3.2 million are US citizens by birth but are living in "mixed status" families in which some members are unauthorized, usually a parent, while others, usually children, are Americans by birthright.

HeadOfLettuceCostIf we doubled the wages of farm workers, the cost of a head of lettuce would increase by 6 cents to $1.06. For labor costs to force lettuce to $5 per head, ... - 6k -

Center for Immigration Studies... for only about ten percent of the retail price of a head of lettuce, ... While a large, low-cost labor pool has been a boon to apparel production in the ... - 15k - 04/01/04 - Economic Man Turning Against Mass ImmigrationSometimes the lettuce will cost 20 dollars a head, but the point—and ... long been known that the labor that goes into producing a head of lettuce accounts ... - 20k


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