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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TODAY, AMERICA'S FLAG DROPPED LOWER - Disabled vet attacked by LEO

Much of this country is becoming a state of anarchy with little or no law enforcement protection, especially New Orleans (see article below). But last week a disabled American Veteran was Tazered and arrested by police because he came to a rally with a US Flag on a pole the cops decided might become a weapon.


Watch the video of this travesty here:

Theresa Harmon Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies

-----Original Message----- From: Tom E. Lowe Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 9:54 PM To: Theresa Harmon Subject: re: Rally 2006 vs Executives of Hamblen County & Morristown,TN

June 24th, 2006

Morristown, TN (Hamblen County)


Dr. Tom E. Lowe DPh

Hamblen County Commissioner

Today, Ol' Glory dropped down the pole a little further. It's reason ???...Violation of Constitutional Rights. But it did NOT "fall" unnoticed.! There were 130-150 witnesses PLUS recorded Video of the entire fiasco by the Local City and County officials who had forgotten their oaths of Office…to Honor, Protect, and Defend The Constitution.

Several weeks in advance of today's date, a peaceful Rally was planned by a group of East and Middle Tennessee Patriots who refer to themselves a "Concerned Citizens of America"…,an ANTI- ILLEGAL group of men & women whose sole purpose is to inform the general public on How they can get involved in STOPPING the Invasion of Illegal Aliens. Permission had been granted to me from the County Mayor, David Purkey whose brother is Sheriff of Hamblen County. He sounded very cooperative and told me where we could plug in our P.A. System…..he even promised me we could use the Large Courtroom of the Courthouse in event of bad weather. County Mayor Purkey told me…"Tom, I'm going to trust you to keep it from being anything racial or controversial [keep this in mind for later]." We were excited and we made the plans, distributed printed pamphlets, etc. We would inform the public of what they could do to contact their Senators & Representatives….Tennessee and Washington. We were to talk about Health related problems, Co$t$ of Illegal Aliens to Economy, clarification of Myths & Facts relating to Aliens, Dangers of Multi-Culturism, Helpful & informative Website addresses. A member who once lived in Tuscon, AZ and was run out by Illegal Alien was to share his and her nightmare.

Today was THE BIG DAY we had all looked forward to….speakers lined up…drinks to sell for funds to support our groups printing expenses…PA System borrowed..etc. However, the scene for the 2 PM rally was an Armed Camp of Hamblen County Sheriffs Deputies, Morristown Police, Tennessee Highway Patrol [from as far away as Putnam County (Cookeville,TN) ], Haz-Mat, Snipers on the roof of the Courthouse, S.W.A.T. team in full Body Armor and M-16 Rifles, Riot Police,…all that was missing were The National Guard Troops ( must have been busy on the Southern Borders answering phones, etc ). The promised power supply for our P.A System had been "cut"…..there went our Communications to the gathered crowd. But, in case that was not enough distraction, they added a Helicopter (THP Chopper) to circle overhead to make sure the public audience could NOT hear anything we said whatsoever.

And Ol' Glory dropped a little further.

To show the public that they meant business, they "took down" a 61 year old Veteran who was trying to 'sneak in' …….an American Flag on an Aluminum pole !!!! They said "it was a dangerous weapon". The Veteran, Ted Ray Mitchell, wanted to hold on to his flag and had a small sign that read…"I served my Country, but NOT for Illegal Aliens". I wish the story ended there but it doesn't. After the Sheriff's Deputies "took down" Mr. Mitchell, they decided to 'TAZER' him (while he was down on the Concrete sidewalk)…they ripped his American Flag out of his hands and hauled him off to jail to be charged with Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. HOWEVER, our video shows that neither charge is justifiable. It looks more like the Sheriff's Dept. were "training some new Deputies".

Little did those Deputies (of the County Mayor's BROTHER) know….This time last year, Ted Ray Mitchell was in a wheelchair…..from back surgery. He had a "Handicapped Tag" on his car, but had to park 2-3 blocks away and walk because ALL of the 'Handicapped Parking Spaces' were cordoned off for Police, Highway Patrol, and Sheriff's Cars!!!!

The Policemen that were required to take him to jail said to him.."They should not have talked to you or treated you that way"…to which Ted Ray said…."All I wanted to do was attend the rally and display MY Flag."

And Ol' Glory dropped a little further

Ted Ray Mitchell was released from jail later this afternoon on a $3,000 bond. My wife and another Hamblen County Commissioner drove down to the Police Station and obtained a copy of the report…..located Ted Ray….brought him to our house. With his permission, we lifted his shirt and took photos of the marks on his wrists, arms, back….compliments of the City and County Mayors & Law Enforcement agencies.

And Ol' Glory dropped a little more.


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