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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sessions Exposes Treachery, Treason /REQUIRED READING!

Sessions Exposes Treachery, Treason
Specter Gang Tried to Pull Fast One on America

"If the American people had not been stiff- armed by an arrogant, elitist bureaucracy and and political class we wouldn't have between 11 and 20 million people in our country..."
C-SPAN 2 -- May 19, 2006

Sessions to the senate:
Why are you afraid
to discuss this bill?
...Why are you afraid to tell
the truth about your bill?
Why are you putting on here
Temporary Guest Worker
when there's nothing temporary
about it? Are you afraid that
if the American people found
out what's really in that it
would have brought in...
one hundred and thirty million
people into the country permanently?
....The American people don't think
we should huddle up here.
Some group come in and meet with
a few Senators and have them foist
on the American people and their
legitimate concerns over the legality
and the depressing of wages...The huge majority of the American people have
been right on this for decades....
Video Watch Part I / Part II


Lou Dobbs has a poll up right now you should check out. This week Sen. Jim Inhofe introduced a bill to declare English the national Language and start to curb some of the interpretation, printing that is demanded by foreign speakers at our expense. The bill passed but not before Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, John McCain and a couple others called Inhofe and his bill racist. This is the theatre going on in the Senate as they try to form the New North American Union -- Why have borders!

Find out how they voted!

Do you believe that English should be the official language of the United States?
16608 votes
690 votes
Total: 17298 votes


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