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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Reconquista, “ This is our continent Stupid Minutemen“

Feb. 8, 2006

If you have spent any time in the immigration/border reform debate, you’ve met this guy. We’ll call him Mr. Reconquista. He produces the signs at protests that admonish American citizens to “Go back to Europe, Gringo” and various other slurs. He posts in chat rooms accusing Americans of stealing his land. Usually he’s an illegal alien or “guest worker” , a product of the last amnesty, or an anchor baby intent on establishing a hispanic country within this nation. As reconquista UCLA Professor Armondo
Navarro states, “A nation within a nation”.

The conversation always degenerates into the usual, “It was our land first, Azatlan, white man invaded” ballyhoo.

Fine. Let’s cut to the chase. Show me a land deed. Get me your ancestors proof that you are even remotely related to the handful of Mexicans who inhabited the SouthWest in the early 1800’s. The progeny of those folks became proud US citizens. The odds are just too remote that anyone coming across our southern border today was ever related to those early Mexican settlers.

Let me tell you about “birthright”.

My grgrgrandfather was a Cherokee who fought the last battle of the civil war with his brother in law, Stand Watie in Indian Territory that is now Oklahoma. In 1832 he and others left New Echota, Georgia rather than be forced on the Trail of Tears. They left everything they’d built . This wasn’t the first time their land had been taken. This wasn’t a bunch of “teepees”, this was a modern productive town, with homes and businesses, even a newspaper. New immigrants took it over, buildings and all. How convenient.

The year after the civil war ended my grgrgrandmother died leaving her husband with several children, a once lucrative law practice and vast land holdings neglected by 5 years of battle and politics and unimaginable hell.

My great-grandmother was left mostly on her own and became an Indian slave to several monstrous husbands to survive. She died when my grandmother was 7 years old and was left to raise younger siblings and became an indentured servant. Through all this the land and fortune in Indian Territory was taken from those orphans. A multimillion dollar complex now sits on my ancestors land that they got nothing for. These people, who became poor as dirt, but refused to stay that way, were literate in 3 languages and left an enormous paper trail.

Shall I now tell all those people who live on my ancestors land from one coast of this country to the other to “Go back to Europe!”. Some of the current inhabitants are probably Mexican. Oh, my! Now what?

This country is mine because I am a native. It is my birthright.
This country is my brothers, who came here, knocked on the front door and ASKED permission to join the citizenry of the United States and pledged his allegiance and life to it.

Anyone else needs to go home and demand some rights in their own country. Don’t bring your mess here for me to fix. Don’t think you will own what it mine again. Been there, done that. If my ancestors had wanted me to live in a 3rd world banana republic like Mexico, they’d have taken it when they settled Texas. I can promise you it would not now be the corrupt oligarchy you so cherish.

This Indian will assure you of one thing.

If you truly believe your delusional movement of “Azatlan” can push out the rightful owners of this country, you will have it returned to you in the same condition your non existent ancestors found it two centuries ago.

No buildings. No roads. No cars. No Walmarts. No social services to raise your jackpot babies or schools to educate them in Spanish. My ancestors settled this nation and built it all and we don’t plan on leaving any of it again to belligerent invaders offspring.

Go home in peace while you can. Take your Mexican flags and demands out of my country.


Relavant article! (Pics-Video link)

Minutemen and Immigrants Face Off
Feb. 8, 2006

[snip] The Minutemen group was noticeably an older group of people, with a large percentage of them in their 50's and 60's. They were loosely spaced, with many casual conversations going on between them, and occasional chanting. Several Republican party stickers and items were present, which is ironic since it is Republican policy to allow businesses to have access to cheap labor by ignoring immigration laws in all but a token manner.

The counter protesters were very noticeably younger, mostly 20's and 30's and mostly Hispanic. They were tightly packed, making passage on the sidewalk difficult, and they chanted a lot more, mostly in Spanish. Chants such as "without borders" and "one people' were heard, and most signs denounced racism. No obvious Aztlan or Reconquista people were present, but there were two large Mexican flags that may indicate Reconquista sympathies among some people in the crowd.

It is obvious that the Minutemen are fighting a battle in a conflict that was already decided over 20 years ago. As seen in this map, the future of the southwest belongs to their opponents. Bush and his neocon cohorts have ceded it over, and all that is left is to become fluent in Spanish in order to converse with the new neighbors.

Every time in the last 25 years you didn't hire your neighbor's son or daughter to mow the lawn or babysit, but went with the really bargain priced labor, and then did the same for the construction project later on, you gave a little more toehold to someone who did not have all the paperwork in order. Then you voted for politicians who told you those sweet lies, and you bought it. But you got that deck built in back for a bargain price. We Americans did this to ourselves. Welcome the new neighbors because they are here to stay. Se habla español.

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