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Thursday, December 19, 2013

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NOTE:  TheTownCrier will rarely be publishing anything at this blog site.  Regretfully, after many years of not one objection over our sources, important links have 'disappeared' from our articles. When you push the link on some articles, it just takes you to the article you are reading.  Now obviously, this destroys records of where we sourced our links!    I apologize to all of you.  A great deal of material, sweat and TIME has been lost.  I have gone back and corrected many and even some of those still come up with the article at hand!     WHY??  WHO knows!   But it stinks.
To update the site could wipe out even more material.  

Please feel free to email us, if you encounter these false links and we will try to source them.

Oh, another thing, for you good GOP Christian right.....
Know who the # 1 lobbyist for Lockheed Martin is and WAS under Bush/ Cheney??? Yep..the gop favorite...Liz Cheney's husband Phil Perry, Mr. Monsanto.  DO NOT stick us with this family again!

Lockheed cuts ties with Boy Scouts

The Lockheed Martin Corp. is cutting ties with the Boy Scouts of America because the group does not allow gay Scout leaders, officials told the MDJ on Wednesday. 
“While we applaud the mission of the Boy Scouts and the good things they do in our communities, their policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religious affiliation conflict with Lockheed Martin policies,” said Lockheed spokesman Gordon Johndroe. 
The reference to “religious affiliation” has to do with the Boy Scouts’ ban on atheist members. 
Because the policies of the BSA “do not align” with the defense contractor’s, Lockheed “will withdraw all official, company-sanctioned support from the Boy Scouts of America, effective January 1, 2014,” Lockheed spokesman Johnny Whitaker said. [snip]

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Lockheed cuts ties with Boy Scouts


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